• Amy Richter and The Silver Linings Players
3 episodes
With her super-sensitive sense of smell, sixteen year-old Kaia Smith is used to not fitting in. So when she receives an invitation from Dr. Vadim Grigori to participate in the Grigori Young Scholars Program with its promise that she will meet others like herself, she jumps at the chance. But what is the GYSP really about? Why are the faculty so interested in the story of the Fall of the Watchers? Why are they obsessed with antimony? And what role will GYSP participants like Kaia play in their plans? Antimony means not alone. Togetherness sounds great, but it all depends on whether you join up with the winning side . . . This podcast is based on the Young Adult novel, Antimony, written by Amy Richter and published by Wipf and Stock, copyright 2019. Learn more at Music arrangement by Pan Conrad.The Silver Linings Players gathered–virtually–from all over the world during the Covid-19 pandemic to record this podcast for you. Thanks for listening!Reviews of the novelWith compelling characters and relentless revelations, Richter weaves a suspenseful mystery from threads of myth, history, science, and faith. Those who grew up reading Lewis and Rowling will love her band of brilliant high schoolers striving to uncover the dark secrets of Harvard Divinity School and its shadowy masters. Fresh, fun, and not a little frightening, Antimony is a feverish page-turner. J. Robert King, Author of the Mad Merlin Trilogy​This is one of the best novels I've read in a long time. It was a beautifully written, insanely entertaining, thought-provoking story that sucked me in from page one.Jamie McLaughlin, television writer and producer​Crisply and intelligently written with a deeply creative engagement with Scripture, Amy Richter’s Antinomy is an entirely fresh take on religious fiction. Her graceful, muscular prose is so evocative and precise sometimes that to read this book is to have a full-bodied sensory experience. Antinomy’s sympathetic cast of young characters mingles with figures and stories from Jewish apocalyptic, the Hebrew Bible, and the Gospels for a delightfully unexpected, time-bending story of memory, mystery, and friendship.—Jennifer Newsome Martin, University of Notre Dame


Episode 3 Resin and Rock Dust
2020 Oct 151h 3m 39s
Kaia sees something strange on her way to class.  Kaia learns about Dilani's special gift. Samya tries to find out what Noah knows, but Noah notices more than she thinks. Kaia discovers another reason she doesn't belong. Ethics class seems, well,...
Episode 2 Odourless
2020 Oct 0747m 51s
Kaia discloses a secret and makes a decision. Samya realizes her reward comes with a price. Kaia wonders if flunking out is more likely than fitting in. Episode 2 features, in order of appearanceLydia Brauer (Kaia Smith)Kristin Pagent (Aunt Alina, Zia's...
Episode 1 The Smell of Blood
2020 Sep 2951m 4s
When 16-year old Kaia Smith is brought to the local police station, she makes some strange claims about what's really going on in the Grigori Young Scholars Program. Is Kaia telling the truth? And does the GYSP have anything to do with the death of...