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This is the official podcast for Spring Church Bellingham.


How Do I Find My Vocation? A conversation with Gustavo Santos
2020 Sep 2851m 30s
Gustavo Santos join Spring Church small group "Heading North" to help us reimagine our vocation. This podcast includes various voices from Spring Church participating in this conversation and asking questions along the way.
Healing Our Broken Humanity: A conversation with Dr. Graham Hill
2020 Sep 1544m 39s
We were so thrilled to have Australian theologian, Dr. Graham Hill, join us to introduce the upcoming small group called "Healing Our Broken Humanity" starting fall 2020. We will be going through the Healing Our Broken Humanity 7-part film series from the Global Church Project, and as a group, we will watch video interviews of individuals from all across the world talk about race, repentance, reconciliation, and what we can do in our neighborhoods to bring change, hope, and healing. This conversation is a recording of the webinar featuring Spring Church Pastor, Matt McCoy, Ali Raetz and Tracy Imbach as panelists, and special guest, Dr. Graham Hill from Australia, who is the founder of the Global Church Project and co-author of Healing Our Broken Humanity.