Girlboss Creative
  • Lauren Thurmond
3 episodes
Are you a girlboss or ready to step up your girlboss game? This podcast is here for you. On Girlboss Creative we discuss topics about side hustles, quitting your job, making your dreams come true, being productive, staying motivated, and so much more to help you live your best girlboss life. Interested in supporting this podcast? Check out our link here for more info! Support this podcast:


How to Make an Extra $1000 a Month
2020 Jun 2017m 7s
In today's episode, I am sharing 7 different ways that you can make an extra $1000 a month, and let's be real we could all use a little extra money sometimes! So, whether you're trying to grow a side hustle or just save a little bit of money on the side, this podcast episode is a must listen!
How I Quit My Job to Do YouTube and Etsy Full Time
2020 Jun 2038m 33s
In today's episode, I share my personal journey of turning my side hustle into my full time job. I am a full-time youtube and Etsy shop owner now and I'm sharing just how I did. I talk about preparing my finances, what helped make it possible, and my multiple income streams.
YouTube Niche Ideas to Help Grow Your Channel - Ep. 1
2020 Jun 1814m 50s
Welcome to my first episode of Girlboss Creative. Today we are talking about YouTube niches that can help you grow your YouTube channel. One of the best tips I have for growing your YouTube channel is by having a niche and focusing your content in one area.