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SEC Week 5 Recap- What Waddle's injury means for Alabama, Auburn earns another Controversial Win and Week 6 Picks
2020 Oct 2852m 26s
The Trojan Tailgate Team discusses replacements for Jaylen Waddle and what his loss means for the Tide, Auburn's win vs Ole Miss and look ahead to Auburn vs LSU and UGA vs UK.
NFL Week 6 Recap - Buccaneers Impressive Win, Atlanta Falcons' Future/NFC South Discussion and Where we were Wrong
2020 Oct 2251m 38s
The Trojan Tailgate Team recap the Buccaneers beating the Packers, discuss the Atlanta Falcons' future and tell the viewers one take that has ended up being wrong as the season has gotten underway.
SEC Week 4 Recap- Alabama Dominates UGA in 2nd Half, Gus on the Hot Seat and Week 5 Picks
2020 Oct 211h 1m 48s
The Trojan Tailgate Team dissects the Alabama vs UGA game, debates Mac vs Tua, analyzes Auburn and looks ahead to Week 5.
NFL Week 5 Recap - AFC West Discussion, Chargers vs Broncos Potential and Where does Leveon Bell End Up?
2020 Oct 151h 1m 40s
The Trojan Tailgate Team discuss the AFC West matchup between the Raiders and Chiefs, evaluate the future of the division and pick the ideal landing spot for Leveon Bell.
SEC Week 3 Recap- The Gators lose their Bite, Alabama's Defensive Woes and a look ahead to Alabama vs UGA
2020 Oct 141h 11m 1s
The Trojan Tailgate Team recaps SEC Week 3 action, analyzes The Aggies win over the Gators, Alabama's defensive issues and make predictions for Week 4.
NFL Week 4 Recap - NFC East and AFC North Breakdown, Cowboys Issues and Texans State of the Franchise
2020 Oct 0858m 1s
The Trojan Tailgate Team analyzes the NFC East and AFC North, examine what's wrong with the Cowboys and the Texans path forward after firing Bill O'Brien.
SEC Week 2 Recap- Auburn's Lack of QB Development, Texas A&M State of the Program, and Week 3 Picks
2020 Oct 0754m 1s
The Trojan Tailgate team recaps Week 2 of SEC action, evaluates Auburn's loss to UGA, why the Aggies consistently disappoint and look ahead to Week 3.
SEC Week 1 Recap- Mike Leach Impresses, Florida Offense talk and Alabama looks Elite
2020 Oct 0159m 31s
The Trojan Tailgate team recaps SEC Week 1 action, impressive teams and looks forward to the Week 2 Auburn vs UGA matchup.
NFL Week 3 Recap - Aaron Rodgers is BACK, Chiefs Talk and Falcons Blow It...Again
2020 Sep 3054m 43s
The Trojan Tailgate Team recaps Week 3 of NFL action, Aaron Rodgers greatness, Lamar Jackson struggles and makes their picks for the next Jets HC.
NBA Playoff Recap and Finals Preview - AKA Kyle loves LeBron more than Nick Wright
2020 Sep 2948m 58s
The Trojan Tailgate Team analyzes the playoffs and looks ahead to the Lakers vs Heat Finals.