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Introducing White Coats, a podcast run by 2 high school students who are eager to spread knowledge and awareness about both the medical and dental fields. Arielle and Lauren are very interested in these fields and hope that through this podcast, they can express their passion to others and hopefully open up new doors or spark an interest. This podcast will encompass a large span of episodes: from interviews to misconceptions and break downs of medical TV shows. Arielle and Lauren hope you join them on their journey to grow White Coats into a brand to influence others and spread knowledge! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/white-coats/support


S2E5 Dental Care in Psychiatric Facilities
2020 Oct 1717m 51s
In the last episode of season 2, Lauren and Arielle wrap up by discussing the overlaps of their favorite fields: dentistry and psychiatry. They talk about the ins and outs of dental care in psychiatric facilities, as well as the importance of establishing a strong relationship between a patient and their healthcare team. Furthermore, Arielle and Lauren discuss how different mental illnesses and psychoactive medications play a role in your oral health.
S2E4 What is TMJ?
2020 Oct 1017m 6s
We often hear about TMJ or that people suffer from it, but a lot of us don't know exactly what it is. This episode is all about TMJ. What is TMJ, what causes it, and what are the symptoms? Lauren and Arielle take it one step further and discuss how this affects both your dental and medical health. If you have TMJ, jaw pain, or are simply curious about it, this episode is definitely for you.
S2E3 Health Effects of Malocclusions and Crooked Teeth
2020 Oct 0335m 57s
In episode 3 of season 2, Lauren and Arielle talk about types of teeth, positioning of the teeth, and occlusions. They dive deeper into the medical effects of malocclusions and crooked teeth. This episode will give you the basics on how your teeth are arranged and why your jaw is positioned the way it is. Listen for some great insight into what is going on inside your mouth.
S2E2 How to Keep Up with Your Oral Hygiene
2020 Sep 2621m 33s
In season two episodes two, we talked about something that applies to everyone: how to keep up with your oral hygiene. Arielle and Lauren discuss the best products to use, misconceptions about your oral health, and what can happen if you don’t brush and floss. If you care about your oral health and want to make sure sure you are doing all the right things, this is the episode for you!
S2E1 How Your Oral Hygiene Contributes to Your Medical Health
2020 Sep 1918m 48s
In the first episode of the second season, we address a very important topic: how your oral hygiene contributes to your medical health. Lauren and Arielle discuss how to maintain your oral health, diseases of the mouth, and symptoms of oral problems to give you a well-rounded breakdown of the imperativeness of oral hygiene. Whether you want to become a doctor/dentist or not, this episode will teach you so much about how your dental and medical health overlap, and why it is so important to maintain.
S1E3 Competitiveness & Practicality of Medical & Dental Specialties
2020 Sep 1226m 39s
In this episode of White Coats, we conclude the season breaking down the competitiveness and practicality of both the dental and medical fields. This covers everything from happiness statistics, salaries, and working hours. After the first two episodes, you got a detailed description of a few different medical and dental specialties. But, when choosing the specialty you want to work in, it is crucial to consider its competitiveness and practicality.
S1E2 Dental Specialties!
2020 Sep 0540m 11s
In episode two of our first season, we break down 6 different dental specialties. We cover their basic definitions, subspecialties, salaries, and fun facts. Both Lauren and Arielle researched and learned a lot from each other. Listening to this episode will give you the knowledge you need to help decided what kind of dentist you want to be or just to be more knowledgeable about the field. Curious which specialty performs the most root canals? Do you have any idea what a periodontist is? Tune into this episode to find out.
S1E1 Medical Specialties!
2020 Aug 2957m 8s
White Coats has officially released its first episode of the first season! In this episode, we review 8 specialties in the medical field in which we were slightly familiar with so that we could grow our knowledge and share it with you. We discuss topics including the basics, salaries, and subspecialties of each. Be sure to listen to this episode to learn more about the medical field with Lauren and Arielle!
2020 Aug 212m 4s
Welcome to the first episode of White Coats Podcast! In this episode, we break down what the podcast is all about and how are passions for medicine and dentistry started.