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Shiloh Point Elementary school’s featured podcast about all things Shiloh Point!


Episode 10 - The Learning Continues
2020 Apr 244m 6s
Grading and testing may be suspended, but learning never stops!
Episode 9 - Compassion over compliance
2020 Apr 172m 42s
Compassion over compliance; Teacher appreciation
Episode 8 - Thank You Parents
2020 Apr 013m 37s
Thank You Parents
Episode 7 - Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it!
2020 Mar 233m 58s
Dr. Jones coming at you live! Topics today include only being concerned with what we can control, gratitude, and spirit week.
Episode 6 - Positive coping resources for kids
2020 Mar 184m 5s
Visit tinyurl.com/ShilohSharks to access the Positive Coping Resources referred to in this podcast!
Episode 5 - Shiloh Point ES
2020 Mar 165m 1s
Celebrating the first day of Extended Online Learning
Episode 4 - Shiloh Point ES
2019 Nov 153m 11s
Discussion with Mr. Adi Patel, Principal for the Day!
Episode 3: Interview with Kristin Keith, SPES Instructional Coach
2019 Sep 1312m 50s
Join us for an great interview with our Instructional Coach, Kristin Keith! Learn more about all the amazing work that she does for our school and all the amazing things that are happening at SPES!
Episode 2 - ZSpace with Ms. Kerry Ward
2019 Sep 0611m 8s
Today we interview Ms. Kerry Ward, our amazing Science Specials teacher. As we kick-off our Sharks Read A to ZSpace fundraiser today, Ms. Ward shares with us how ZSpace enhances the learning of all our students!
Shiloh Point is the Place to BE: Mind-Body-Spirit
2019 Aug 062m 17s
Today we talk about how we can make Shiloh Point the Place to BE!