Bad For Education - Coding Tips For The Junior Developer & Beyond
  • Andrew Ly & Jason Yata
7 episodes
Web Developers Andrew Ly and Jason Yata share their insight about how to break into the world of development, what to expect while attending a coding boot camp, and the tips and tricks to help you understand the fundamentals of programming. They teach everything newbie coders need to know about the basics of front and back end development. They also discuss a variety of curated topics and tell inspirational stories to help listeners follow their own path, even if it's bad for education.


JavaScript: Conditionals/Checks + College vs. Trade School? Is it Worth it?
2020 Oct 1537m 49s
We discuss another concept that is important in JavaScript: Conditionals and Checks! Plus is college worth it in 2020 or should you opt for a trade school or boot camp? Let's dive right in.
JavaScript Data Types + Elon Musk & Neuralink
2020 Oct 0830m 29s
It's week 2 for the bootcamp and we're talking about primitive and special data types in JavaScript! Also, Elon Musk revealed the latest news on Neuralink. Let's dive right in!
Boot Camp Begins! Advanced HTML & CSS + Dealing with Bad Bosses
2020 Oct 051h 42s
Week 1 of the the boot camp begins! This week we jump into the nitty gritty on advanced HTML and CSS. Are you working in a terrible work environment? In the second half we talk about how to deal with bad bosses in toxic work settings. Don't miss this one!
Pre-Boot Camp: JavaScript Fundamentals + Relationships
2020 Sep 171h 9m
This week we discuss the basic JavaScript fundamentals and how to maintain platonic, romantic, and every other type of relationship. This is our longest episode yet, and one of our favorites!
Pre-Boot Camp: Basic HTML & CSS + Staying In Shape
2020 Sep 1041m 15s
This episode we discuss an overview of of HTML and CSS basics you should know before you enter a coding boot camp. We also talk about exercising as devs, and what we do or sports we play to stay in shape.
Choosing The Right Boot Camp + How To Prep + Star Wars
2020 Sep 0340m 44s
This episode we discuss: Which criteria you need to how to choose the best accelerated program to start your career as developerWhat mindset and materials you need to have beforehand to be best preparedAnd our thoughts on the Star Wars saga and its...
2020 Sep 016m 59s
What is Bad For Education? We are a podcast that delivers coding tips to help people break into the industry as junior developers. We also talk about various topics that interest us as well as topics to inspire people to choose their own path in life,...