• Joshua Tiggs
6 episodes
This Podcast is all about love, fitness motivation, spirituality and life. Join the wave as spread the message of fullness of light within you and you having the best body and best mind of your life.


Staying Present Through The Fire!
2020 Oct 2314m 15s
In this episode I cover one of the most troubling aspects in the human Psyche, Staying Present through the Fire of life. Tune in for a great episode that has blessed my socks off and I hope will bless you as well!
2020 Oct 0248m 2s
In this riveting podcast topic we are diving in to the age old question of, am I the body? Join me as my special guest Jondo the Robot and Eazy the Yogi teach us the principals on how to recognize you and the source within. Jondo hails out Los Angeles and teaches people how to have full wellness in their mind, body and Spirit through his company IRobotfit. Eazy hails out of Atlanta and is the owner of Yoga Playground. He teaches people how to bend and be flexible in life. Together these gentlemen are going to take you on a journey of self exploration. Enjoy Folks! You can find them on Instagram under @irobotfit and @yogaplayground
Self Motivation = Co/Creation
2020 Sep 1928m 46s
Learning how to motivate and create with others especially partners can be such a daunting task for many😭😭. Navigation through this arena is essential in life, and good new is their is a solution to this progress of life🤗🤗. Today we want to teach you or rather show you how to motivate and love others starting with yourself❤️and in the process create a loving Utopia that motivates all to grow. In this episode I am joined by special Guests Shy Taylor 🕺🏾IG@shyspage and Sarah Phipps 🏃‍♀️IG@sarah_eli.zabeth. Shy is a accomplished Mind Body Coach based out of Dallas,Tx. He specializes in teaching people how to live at the most optimal way while reaching the highest level of mind and body functionality. Sarah Phipps is a Transformational Life Coach based out of Sacramento, Ca. She helps so many people learn and understand themselves from a deep place of functioning while transforming their minds, bodies and bank accounts! She’s a bit of a Unicorn😊 that loves each soul she encounters back to life. Buckle in take notes and enjoy this riveting and life changing episode on understanding how to Self Motivate and Co Create.
Manifesting Your Reality
2020 Sep 1611m 57s
Manifesting our desires is a lifelong mission, in the episode you will learn the base foundation on how to begin the process of manifesting the things you desire in this world. Enjoy my Peoples!
Speak Life and live life! Love is the answer and Words and Actions have power!
2020 Sep 0115m 53s
In this short series we explore the effects of positive vibrations of music, words, thoughts and actions on water and how it affects our bodies. We will also explore the power of love and how to create spaces of love in our lives. This Series episode bridges the gap between the power of the tongue and the vibration of life. Enjoy folks. Love y'all!