Unpacking Opera
  • Cara
12 episodes
In this weekly podcast, young singers Emma Steiner and Cara Ellman attempt to bring modern voices to the world of opera. In each episode, they highlight an opera and synopsize it to make it more relatable, fun, or at the very least, understandable.


Episode 9- Turn of the Screw
2020 Oct 191h 21m 54s
Family Secrets. Sinister Children. Ghouls?
Episode 8- Lucia di Lammermoor
2020 Oct 121h 7m 56s
Forbidden Love. Weird Older Brothers.  A Soprano Losing her Damn Mind.Musical Exceprts provided by Emily Holter (@somedays194) and Rafael Powell II (@powellwoodwinds).
Episode 7- Faust
2020 Oct 051h 7m 30s
Temptation. Eternal Damnation. Handsome French Satan.Vocal excerpts provided by Abbi Hobbs (@abbihobbs) and Alissa Henderson (@alissa_hende).
Episode 6- Il Barbiere di Siviglia
2020 Sep 2855m 13s
True Love. Deceptive Schemes. Creepy Guardians.
After Hours with Kristen Gillis
2020 Sep 2432m 44s
The gals and soprano Kristen Gillis sit down with some Broke Girl Margs for an opera themed Drunk History.
Opera Atrocities: Performance Edition
2020 Sep 2031m 23s
Hang out with the gals while they read the most hilariously horrific performance experiences written in by listeners.
Episode 4- La Traviata
2020 Sep 1444m 54s
Heartbreak. Undying Love. Tuberculosis.Musical excerpt provided by soprano Emily Holter. (@somedays194)
Episode 3- Madama Butterfly
2020 Sep 0751m 41s
Betrayal. Sacrifice. Americans being problematic. Musical excerpt provided by soprano Tingting Tang.
Episode 2- Carmen
2020 Aug 3156m 5s
Passion. Jealousy. Confusing and ambiguous notions about women. Musical excerpt provided by mezzo-soprano Misha Audis. (Instagram: @mishaquartergray)
Minisode: Terms and Definitions
2020 Aug 2729m 3s
When we explain all them fancy words.