Not Your Average 31
  • Leslie Alyce
4 episodes
Not Your Average 31 is a curation of stories from women who have found their own version of Proverbs 31. Not Your Average 31 is on a mission to help women see their inner Proverbs 31 woman no matter their past, no matter their future, but right where they're at!


Becoming a Champion & the Proverbs 31 Woman | Episode 4
2020 Oct 2244m 30s
If you have ever felt that God can't use you because of any aspect of your past or your story... this episode is for you!
Singleness & the Proverbs 31 Woman | Episode 2
2020 Oct 0833m 12s
Hey mold-breaker!  Have you ever struggled to see yourself as the Proverbs 31 woman simply because you aren't married?  Today guest Rachel Jenks and I bust myths and drop fire that is sure to break down old mindsets and help you see yourself in a new light!
Welcome to Not Your Average 31 | Episode 1
2020 Oct 018m 46s
In this episode of Not Your Average 31, get to know host Leslie Alyce, what Not Your Average 31 is about, and what to expect from this podcast and other ways to connect!  Hear Leslie's heart for you through Not Your Average 31, and connect with her for more!