The Morning After (with Mike Kellar + Jenny Matthews)
  • Mike Kellar
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The official podcast of Q104’s Morning Drive with Mike Kellar + Jenny Matthews!


Does It Make Me A Bad Person If...?
2020 Oct 2839m 9s
The scariest thing that can happen to you as a radio DJ happened to us.  We forgot to turn the microphone off!  Hear what happened in the first segment. Also, Jenny recaps her husband watching, and his hilarious reaction, as she was giving birth! Then... are we bad people? We bring up a few scenarios that might make you see us in a different light! Don't forget to vote, and thanks for checking out the podcast!
How To Hide The Body
2020 Oct 2139m 55s
Thanks for listening! In this episode, Mike tries to justify a terrible mistake he made as a husband. Also, are we terrible people for already being in full holiday mode, and it's not even Halloween yet? And yes, like the title suggests, Jenny gives her husband advice on how to successfully get away with murdering her, in case one day he decided he's "had enough"! Finally, we bring up movies where when we watched them as a teen, we loved them! But as an adult, we find ourselves sympathizing more with the adults instead of the main characters. Come join us for a great waste of 40 minutes!
Social Shackles
2020 Oct 1438m 23s
Social media has taken over our lives! Or at least... it used to. Mike and Jenny share how social media doesn't rule their lives as much as it used to, and how you should consider doing the same.  They also share the first moment where they laughed so hard on the radio that Jenny actually peed her pants.  And who knew Mike was the King of Leftovers?  Got 40 minutes to spare?  Take a listen and take a load off!  Thanks so much for listening!
Instagram & Allergies
2020 Oct 0743m 57s
Lots to unpack today! First, Mike asks for advice about hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. The in-laws are flying in from out of town and the panic is setting in, even though it's still two months away! We also talk about our favorite Instagram follows you may have never heard of. For all the bad accounts out there, there are a few doozies!  We also talk drugs. Well... allergy medication to be more specific. And finally, why aren't there more couples featuring a shorter man and a taller woman? Random, silly, and not meant to be taken seriously. We promise this will be far from the worst 45 minutes of your week!
Potty Mouths
2020 Sep 3032m 32s
It's not what you think! In this episode, you'll hear why Jenny is a hero, why Mike was the coolest person in Kansas City (for one day), and yes, we talk about... going potty. Also, in case you didn't know, last week's special guest (Mike's wife) makes the GREATEST LASAGNA IN THE WORLD! Jenny gets surprised mid-podcast with a fresh serving of the greatest dish to ever grace a tastebud!  Take your mind off the world for 30 minutes and join us for the most fun, random podcast ever!
Cancel Culture
2020 Sep 2358m 24s
We're very excited to have Mike's wife Katie (a/k/a Mrs. Kellar) join us this week! It was a CRAZY week, as Mike fell victim to cancel culture! We share the story of how Twitter and Instagram tried to get him fired, and why it was completely ridiculous. We also celebrate Jenny's daughter who recently turned the big 1-0! You'll hear some fun stories of our personal favorite birthdays, including one involving... a gentleman's club. We hope you enjoy this hour of conversation as much as we enjoyed recording it!
Unpopular Opinions
2020 Sep 1636m 48s
Mike shares stories from his trip to Mexico, and talks about why traveling during a pandemic was actually a great idea! We then get into one of our favorite discussions... UNPOPULAR OPINIONS! Jenny has a strong opinion about music videos, and Mike calls out LUKE COMBS?! Finally, as usual, the group ends up arguing about food and Walmart vs Target.
Parents Just Don't Understand
2020 Sep 0930m 49s
Mike recently had his mother visit from St. Louis over the weekend. He dives into the shenanigans that ensued. From there, we talk about how long is too long for guests to stay with you, and how now more than ever, more young adults are moving BACK in with their parents. Real talk always. Thanks for listening!
Marriage and the CMAs
2020 Sep 0246m 6s
Mike, Jenny, & Tater take a deeper dive into what makes a marriage successful after hearing that divorce rates have risen 34% since the pandemic. Also, CMA award nominees have been announced, but the main headline has nothing to do with any of the nominees!
What’s Your Biggest Regret?
2020 Aug 2633m 27s
Mike, Jenny & Tater talk regrets, long friendships, and at home school dress codes. Join us!