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Carl is a YouTube entertainer and vlogger on the Carl & Jinger channel! Interviewing popular and upcoming YouTube celebrities with a casual and comedy tone. Learn insider tips and tricks to creating a successful YouTube channel as well as get to know your favorite celebrities and personalities on the web today.


Overcoming Depression | Expectations vs Preferences
2017 Nov 061h 41m 22s
Carl discusses some major breakthroughs recently with depression. Carl explores how depression can manifest itself as chronic disappointment in yourself, others, environment, and life in general as well as the life changed he is making to change it.
Resetting Life and Endless Opportunity
2017 Sep 1631m 40s
In this Podcast Carl talks about accomplishing his 5 life goals and coming up with new ones. He talks about how 2017 has been the most insecure year to be a full time YouTuber, as well as how this doesn't scare him due to the endless opportunities that are available in the world today.
A Little Bit Goes a Long Way - A dream with my Grandfather
2017 Jun 2032m 9s
Last night I had a dream where my Grandfather taught me an important lesson.