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Join The Talks A Lot Boys as they discuss and rank their personal favorite things from tv shows to video games to everything in between! If you like listening to chill dudes and/ or subjective opinions about random things that hold no actual weight in real life, then strap in for a thorough ear blasting of sub-par proportions!


MGK's Pop Punk Album Is REALLY GOOD | This Month In Music! | September 2020
2020 Oct 081h 42m 26s
Another month has come and gone, and with it came some awesome (and not so awesome) songs and albums! Today the boys are talking about some of the songs and albums that they loved and hated, including some of the biggest drops of the month from Machine Gun Kelly, Joji, Knuckle Puck and more!
Top 5 Online Multiplayer Games | The Tippity Top Podcast | Ep. 13
2020 Sep 182h 5m 33s
The boys take a deep dive into their all time favorite online multiplayer games of all time in this excessively long episode of The Tippity Top Podcast. With some predictable and generic picks and some absolutely super obscure games you've probably never played, it's a conversation that can only be described as "two hours long".
This Month in Music! | August 2020 | The Talks A Lot Boys
2020 Sep 061h 50m 49s
There was an absolutely ridiculous amount of amazing new music that dropped in August, and Tyler, Brennan and Kyle have an in depth conversation about what new tracks they liked and didn't like. Check out each of their individual playlists of new music below:
Making Our Own SUPER VILLAINS! | The Tippity Top Podcast | Ep. 12
2020 Aug 281h 16m 55s
As a follow-up to the one episode of the podcast where the boys accidentally created super heroes instead of discussing their favorite super powers, Tyler, Chipper and Kyle now take it upon themselves to create villains for all of their original heroes. It's full on improv madness as the boys take their first steps towards fleshing out the greater Talks A Lot Boys Cinematic Universe.
Ranking Every Song from "Pink Elephant" (Stand Atlantic) | The Talks A Lot Boys
2020 Aug 091h 32m 14s
With the much anticipated release of Stand Atlantic's sophomore album, "Pink Elephant", the boys take it upon themselves to rank every song in the album from worst to best. Join Tyler, Brennan and Kyle as they discuss their thoughts and feelings on this new album, and witness as their composure deteriorates and they descend into madness in the final act.
Ranking Every Song from "To Better Days" (Slaves) | The Talks A Lot Boys
2020 Aug 091h 29m 26s
The boys give their thoughts on the newest album from Slaves, discussing their love of the new vocalist and how the songs have impacted them. Of course Tyler, Brennan and Kyle have also tasked themselves with ranking every song on the album from worst to best.
This Month In Music! | July 2020 | The Talks A Lot Boys
2020 Jul 311h 21m 40s
It's the first episode of The Talks A Lot Boys' brand new show where they discuss all of their favorite songs and albums that were released during the month. July was filled to the brim with tons of tasty tunes, and Tyler, Brennan and Kyle are going to let you in on their personal favorites (and not-so-favorites).
Top 5 Dragon Ball Characters | The Tippity Top Podcast | Ep. 11
2020 Jul 241h 43m 52s
It's no secret that the boys are big ol' weebs, and in this episode they discuss the most mainstream anime ever conceived: Dragon Ball. Kyle solidifies his spot as the biggest DBZ fan of all time as he creates a masterfully crafted list of characters that puts everyone else's picks to shame.
Ranking Every Song from Mothership (Dance Gavin Dance) | The Talks A Lot Boys
2020 Jul 031h 45m 2s
The boys are back at it again with another Dance Gavin Dance album podcast, and this time they'll be ranking every song in the band's 2016 release: Mothership. Things get heated in this episode as Kyle, Tyler and Brennan find out that this may very well be the most difficult album to rank so far.
Top 10 Bands / Music Artists (Part 2) | The Tippity Top Podcast | Ep. 10
2020 Jun 191h 44m 16s
Tyler, Kyle and Brennan wrap up their discussion of their personal favorite bands and music-making folks in this thrilling episode filled to the brim with concert stories, nostalgic tales from the past, and some absolutely bangin' tunes.