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Amy Coney Barrett
2020 Oct 265m 32s
A quick run down on the Supreme Court nominee.
Trump and Corona
2020 Oct 043m 57s
A small compilation of theories people have about Trump’s positive COVID-19 test.
In honor of RBG
2020 Sep 202m 57s
A quick tribute to the wonderful women and inspiration RBG was.
Education Inequality
2020 Sep 134m 7s
This is an introduction to two different kinds of education inequality.
Back to School Gun Control
2020 Sep 073m 11s
A quick reminder that just because we have not heard about this issue lately does not mean it is gone.
Is America a Global Joke?
2020 Aug 315m 45s
Sorry for the delay everyone! This episode is about how America is ranked in the world.
Portrayal of Strong Women in the Media
2020 Aug 093m 40s
This episode talks about the fact that the media uses subliminal messaging to put down women.
Literatures Effect on Gen Z
2020 Aug 022m 51s
A quick piece of insight on how the literature generation z grew up on effects their outlook on politics.
Problem With 2020 AP Exams
2020 Jul 274m 5s
This episode describes the inconsistencies in college board’s online testing. Sorry for the delay in upload - there were technical difficulties!
The Economics of Gun Control
2020 Jul 125m 16s
The discussion of how the NRA is stopping gun regulation.