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Delicious confusing comedy. Three pinches of salt recommended


Cod Paste Season 4: Episode 7 Adam Richard Special
2016 May 2046m 25s
What a mess! This is what happens when the Cod Paste studio goes rogue at a live Little Dum Dum club ep. Awesome times with Adam Richard, Karl Chandler and the infamous Rev Ewarwoowar. Woo gets drunk and so does Bile. Filth warning.
Bonus quim time
2016 Feb 033m 44s
It's just the intro to our new section "Quim of the week" but it's nice
Cod Paste Season 2: Episode 3 the hermaphrodite conundrum
2016 Jan 3056m 6s
Well there's a bit of banging going on, that's why this one stayed in the pod castle cupboard. But it's too good to stay hidden. You get Peaches, more triple aardvark and the green death, the Hulks anal bleaching. We look into the "brazilian blowout" and at last all the latest news on Andy Ruffel, 1984's king of BMX. Sweet as bro.
Cod Paste Season 4 episode 6
2016 Jan 3041m 51s
Part 2 of the West End à pied episode. Your first taste of the new feature "Quim of the week", this weeks quim is... well listen and find out. More awesomeness in general, get it in your ear holes.
Cod Paste Season 4 episode 5
2016 Jan 2230m 6s
Part 1 of the West End à pied episodes. Holy Majoly, Lord Bile and Big Woo hit the streets and take this sheet live. Meandering around the streets of West End Brisbane holds more delights than these small minds can imagine when you've got one turntable and two microphones. It's a nice sound, so listen.
Cod Paste Season 3 episode 1
2016 Jan 1044m 6s
Merry New Year Bobblers, we are well out of sequence but who's making the rules here anyway? That's right, pure anarchy as ever. This is just a wee treat for anyone waiting for the new episodes. With extra bits, hmmmmm. Big up all the Nordics.
Cod Paste Season 4 episode 4
2015 Dec 0341m 19s
It's the one you've been waiting for! That's right, back in close proximity for only the 2nd time this season. Boooooom, Codename Nori, Neds bits, more teeth, Quim, Parisian breakdancing beatbox, 4wd sex, giant Santa and much more
Cod Paste Season 4 episode 3
2015 Nov 1648m 48s
This is a journey into sound. Mono syllabic sound.
Cod Paste Season 4 episode 2
2015 Nov 0140m 28s
For the first time Bile and Woo tackle technology and pod from two different pod cupboards, and smash them to bits. Ooteeneee to you Star Wars fans, this ones a bit special. Also an interview with Burt Reynolds. Get out of your socks once again codbotherers.
Cod Paste Season Premiere: ep 401
2015 Oct 1246m 47s
Hellll yeah mutha brother sister loverrrrZZZZZZ.