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StarTechies Podcast gets inside the minds of some of the brightest stars in the Swedish tech scene. The podcast is created by Inicio. A Swedish-based start-up that offers tech-focused workshops to teenagers.

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Björn Lindberg - Tele2
2020 Oct 2447m 23s
Björn Lindberg from Tele2 is the second speaker on Inicio's "StarTechies - My Way to the World of Technology" online talks.
Ingrid Sörensen
2020 Oct 1539m 36s
Our guest speaker on this episode of StarTechies "My Way to the World of Technology" online talks is Ingrid Sörensen, Project Manager at Afry. Ingrid discusses the defence Force, project Management, testing, verifying, and her top tips for teenagers thinking about a tech-related career.
The Queen of Karma - Elsa Bernadotte
2020 Jun 0538m 10s
In this episode of StarTechies we speak to Elsa Bernadotte, the co-founder of Karma. Karma is certainly an app that is taking Europe by storm! We speak to Elsa about her transition into the world of technology, start-up ideas that didn't make the cut, and her unusual hobby.
I.T Woman of the Year and Public Figure - Carolin Solskär
2020 Feb 2659m 56s
⁣In this episode of StarTechies we talk to Carolin Solskär. ⁣Carolin is making waves in the Swedish tech scene. She has just been named as Sweden’s I.T. Woman of the Year for 2019, has co-founded companies, was co-initiator of the
Thought Leader and Digital Superstar - Donna Hanafi
2020 Feb 2634m 50s
We kick off our first podcast by speaking to Donna Hanafi. Donna is certainly well-known in the Swedish tech scene. She has experience in leading several tech start-ups that are based in Stockholm, New York and San Francisco. ⁣⁣