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Super Rad and Talented is the companion podcast of the Nevada City Film Festival. The Podcast features interviews and intimate discussions with directors, producers, creative professionals and entertainers from around the globe whose work has both formed and been featured in the festival. The show will appeal to filmmakers, film lovers, film fest fans and anyone who's ever thrown his or her creative hat into the ring. The Podcast will launch with a series of episodes that celebrate the 20th anniversary of the festival, exploring its humble origins and tracking its course to becoming a nationally acclaimed, annual event. Hosts Matt Gottschalk, Curtis Grout and Robert Bryant do their best to keep things on track and steer them off the rails at the same time.


Drummer, Director, Punker and Puppet Master, Jon Sortland
2020 Sep 271h 28m 7s
Drummer, Director, Punker and Puppet Master, Jon Sortland. When Jon’s not drumming, playing keyboards and singing in the bands The Shins, Broken Bells, Cigar and EV Kain, he’s writing, directing and producing films and music videos - LOTS of them. He’s...
The Adventures of Super Producer Karin Chien
2020 Sep 111h 15m 15s
Indie film producer and distributor, Karin Chien. If you've ever wondered what a feature film producer does or if you already know and want to hear crazy stories like having to smuggle film with LGBTQ content out of the Middle East, then this episode is...
Bonus Episode: Dowd Records and the Making of The Nevada City Album Vol.1
2020 Sep 1141m 17s
Bonus Episode: Dowd Records and the making of The Nevada City Album Vol.1 Jason Clark of the very rad collective Dowd Records talks about getting twelve local bands and artists to deliver an original, unreleased song in a mere seven days. The album...
Rockstars and Rock Stars
2020 Aug 271h 22m 18s
Rockstars and Rock Stars. Today's guest, Rich Good, is both, As the designer, graphic artist and general brand soothsayer for the Nevada City Film festival for as long as he or anyone else can remember Rich annually produces a unique identity for this...
Super Producer - Dave Kneebone
2020 Aug 271h 20m 33s
Super producer and Tim & Eric partner, Dave Kneebone. Ever had one of those days when you've driven across the country to meet your filmmaking idol because you want to present him with the film you've made that you're sure will lead to a job offer...
Small Town Meets Tinseltown
2020 Aug 271h 9m 54s
Small town meets Tinseltown - Acclaimed filmmakers and high school friends, Patrick Bryce and Jason Sussberg talk about their individual journeys from roaming the halls at Nevada Union High to working with the likes of Bill Nye, Mark Duplass, Brian Eno...
When Does She Sleep?
2020 Aug 2757m 45s
When does she sleep? If this was a jeopardy answer then the question would be, “What is the question everyone wonders about Jesse Locks?” In addition to any countries of origins and ethnicities, her 23 and me results would likely include percentages...
2020 Aug 271h 16m 48s
Getting the band back together. We talk with Trevor Veralrud, Ted Veralrud, Bill Kiley and Nicholas Shahan about their seminal NCFF film, Motogenocide. The film blew festival audiences away when it premiered almost 20 years ago - which was much...
The Wizard
2020 Aug 271h 10m 49s
The Wizard behind the festival curtain. What do you get when you cross a singer songwriter, a man of mystery, and a Midici like patronage of local arts and artists - our very own Jeff Clark. We talk with Jeff about how a bunch of cool kids hanging out...
Inside Baseball
2020 Aug 0324m 49s
All small towns come with their share of sweet stories that most people outside of that small town know nothing about. The history of the Nevada City Film Festival, and how it came to be revered as one of the top festivals in North America, is filled with those stories. In this first episode we’ll introduce you to the key players who founded the festival 20 years ago and gave it the creative identity that still holds today and helped make it known as the “Sundance of the Sierra”.