Bean to Barstool
  • David Nilsen
7 episodes
A podcast that uses craft beer and bean to bar chocolate as lenses through which to explore a deeper experience of flavor.


Episode 07: Pairing Smoke & Spice
2020 Oct 2030m 8s
Beers and chocolates featuring smoke or spice flavors require graceful dance partners that can both set them free and keep them on beat. Find some great examples in this episode.
Episode 06: Madhu Chocolate + Casa Humilde Cerveceria
2020 Oct 061h 9m 36s
In previous episodes, we've talked about the ways in which our individual backgrounds affect our personal sensory vocabularies. When we taste beer or chocolate with someone who has had different experiences, we each recognize different flavors and...
Episode 05: Smoke
2020 Sep 1556m 4s
Smoke is one of the most evocative smells in the world, awakening a primal human recognition within us. It can be alarming or reassuring, acrid or appetizing, but it’s always impossible to ignore.Smoke can be found in abundance in the world of craft...
Episode 04: Beer & Chocolate Pairing Basics
2020 Sep 0129m 14s
Craft beer and bean to bar chocolate offer separate diverse worlds of flavor, and when those worlds are brought together, the possible pairing combinations are endless.There are specific considerations to take into account however when pairing beer and...
Episode 03: French Broad Chocolates + Burial Beer
2020 Aug 2144m 54s
Craft breweries and bean to bar chocolate makers often collaborate to make beers infused with chocolate or vice versa. French Broad Chocolates and Burial Beer, both woman-owned businesses in Asheville, North Carolina, are constantly partnering on...
Episode 02: Beer & Chocolate Language
2020 Aug 2136m 55s
While craft beer and bean to bar chocolate are both artisan products savored by connoisseurs, the language and freedom of expression used to describe each are often very different. In this episode we explore what leads to these differences in...
Episode 01: Personal Beer & Chocolate Vocabulary
2020 Aug 2134m 46s
The first episode of Bean to Barstool focuses on our personal sensory vocabularies, how they have been shaped by geographical, cultural, and other details of our backgrounds, and how they impact the flavors and aromas we recognize in craft beer and bean...