Dungeons & Dragon Age
  • Lucas Rhodan
9 episodes
Welcome to Dungeons & Dragon Age! Every other Friday we bring you a new episode of the tabletop adventures of our charming group, consisting of: Jelric "Finch" - Played by Jackdaw // Annette - Played by Saria // Vincent - Played by Crimson Wolf // Garvik - Played by Fusselkorn // All of this is curated and created by Cole, the DM.


Episode #9: "Crocodile Tears!"
2020 Oct 2336m 38s
After successfully interrogating a member of the "Servants of Sacred Mystery", our agents set out to find the cult's headquarters beneath Nevarra City, searching in the depths of sewers... What will they uncover? Find out the latest episode of Dungeons & Dragon Age!
Episode #8: "The Mute-Mapmaker!"
2020 Oct 1037m 31s
After recovering one of Nevarra's most renowned treasure hunters - "The Mute-Mapmaker", the party is intercepted by an ambiguous death cult and... undead crocodiles. True evil awaits our heroes.
Episode #7: "Praise Be Razikale"
2020 Sep 2741m 2s
Following on from the last episode, our agents are looking for the mute-mapmaker, however, they are seized by an unknowing force who've abducted their target. Cornered in a ransacked Nevarran estate, a tough fight is ahead for our heroes.
Episode #6: "Can I Bathe With You?"
2020 Sep 1138m 15s
From Kirkwall to Nevarra City, the plot thickens in the latest episode of Dungeons & Dragon Age!
Episode #5: "A Storytelling Dwarf!"
2020 Aug 2838m 54s
In the aftermath of the auction, the group shares their findings, at least some of them and discuss the next steps on their adventure, but someone else is listening in on them.
Episode #4: "Bottle Of Blight!"
2020 Aug 1440m 18s
A bottle of blight, some Saar-Qamek, and many other of Thedas's obscure and highly illegal artefacts. We're infiltrating the Coterie's secret auction in the latest episode of Dungeons & Dragon Age!
Episode #3: "Empress Celene's Underwear!""
2020 Aug 1438m 47s
Carta loans, Templar troubles, an elf with a broken kneecap, and the biggest lie you've ever heard in Kirkwall! The plot thickens in episode three of Dungeons & Dragon Age!
Episode #2: "Pee On Him!"
2020 Aug 1458m 15s
Awkward flirting, urination, drugs, and a disapproving Templar! We've got it all in the second episode of Dungeons & Dragon Age.
Episode #1: "Can I Take The Arm?"
2020 Aug 1444m 6s
Introducing Dungeons And Dragon Age! A bunch of us are banding together on a quest set after the main events of Dragon Age: Inquisition to uncover a stolen cache of magical artifacts! Expect general mayhem!