Where Did Travel Go?
  • Jessop Petroski & Laura Blackhall
11 episodes
2020 has turned the world and travel industry on it's head. 2 travel industry professionals try to find solace and humor in this new world. Insights, stories, and revelations await as Laura and Jessop bring their firsthand experiences and guests to the show as we all move forward together. Hosts: Jessop Petroski, Digital Producer (formerly of Connect Worldwide Japan) Laura Blackhall, CEO Hello! Tours (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore) Support This Show: https://anchor.fm/where-did-travel-go/support Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/where-did-travel-go/support


An "Epic Education" Traveling with Jason Jenkins
2020 Oct 0846m 31s
Find out how a family with 2 children traveled the world, non-stop, for 6 years!
Finding Our Child-like Travel Spirit
2020 Sep 2840m 7s
Finding the spark that we all had as a child and how it fuels our craving for travel.
Dream Job - Robert Michael Poole (Part 2)
2020 Sep 1334m 30s
Robert talks about life as a travel professional, the impact of photography on destinations, and tips for tour operators.
Travel Life with Robert Michael Poole (Part 1)
2020 Sep 1026m 2s
Travel Insights & Podcasting Know-How
2020 Sep 0337m 14s
After 1 month of podcasting, what have we learned and where are we going with this podcast?
Meet Jeff Lewis, Chief Nerd at Tourism Solved
2020 Aug 2754m 18s
Former TripAdvisor VP of Technology and current "Chief Nerd" at Tourism Solved and non-executive Director at Flotepace, joins Jessop and Laura to discuss life in a world without travel.
The People Behind Tech and Creative Who Will Save Travel
2020 Aug 2139m 47s
Episode 4 of "Where Did Travel Go?"
Who is Jessop Petroski and why did he jump into the travel industry?
2020 Aug 1459m 20s
Laura will find out why Jessop got into travel and what his first year in the industry was like and what he plans to do moving forward.
We’re starting a podcast for travel!
2020 Jul 318m 44s
Let’s try starting a podcast.