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Three generations coming together to discuss life, love and everything in between! From entertainment, hot topics, spirituality, fashion, romance & so much more! Grab your favorite glass of wine/tea...kick off your shoes & relax your feet. Party on down to this...I’m N Control beat!


S2 Episode 7: Everyone Is Losing It
2020 Aug 0246m 5s
Today’s discussion is centered around taking control of our mental health. This year has brought so much uncertainty to so many that it’s triggering bouts of depression, anxiety, and mental breaks from reality. Join us as we discuss the challenging topic of conquering the mind.
S2 Episode 6: Friends...How Many Of Us Have Them?
2020 Jun 2845m 12s
Today’s episode explores friendships. We delve into what qualities we desire in a friend, and on the flip side when/if we need to call it quits. Also, are you team “Molly” or “Issa” when your friendships hit a snag? It’s not always going to be an easy road to navigate, but we are giving tools on how to sustain healthy friendships.
2020 Jun 1458m 58s
This episode dives into all things black. Our frustration, our pain, our exhaustion, our sadness, and our endurance. We have had enough, and worldwide the affects are being felt. Who knew that the “cookout” would actually be a revolution!
S2 Episode 4: We Miss Outside
2020 May 1522m 39s
Who's ready for "Outside" to open back up? All of us I'm sure, but will you be making a run for it, or will you be cautiously waiting? Join the conversation as we dive into getting back to "normal"....If that even is a thing?
S2 Episode 3: The Block Is Hot: Introducing Hot Topics
2020 Apr 3020m 8s
Tune in as we discuss what’s happening in these streets while we are stuck in the house. It’s juicy, funny, and definitely news you can use!
S2 Episode 2: Rona Revelations
2020 Apr 2021m 7s
We are back with part 2 of our "Rona Chronicles". We are discussing relationships or lack there of. This social distancing has brought out the truth in many of our relationships, and it's not always pretty.
S2 Episode 1 : 2020 Life Came At Us Fast
2020 Apr 0522m 42s
Welcome back to season 2!!   2020, What is going on with you?  Currently it seems as if we are in an episode of the Twilight Zone. We had plans, visions, desires and clear direction....so we thought! They said if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. Join us as we discuss our "Rona Chronicles" and all things in between. Is this our new normal? How do we cope?
S1 Episode 4: Emotional and Financial Dependancy
2019 Nov 1127m 29s
This episode tackles the subject of emotional and financial dependency. We are sure that this topic will garner all types of reactions.  Are you in control of your emotional well being and finances?
S1 Episode 3 : Parents Just Don't Understand
2019 Sep 1716m 2s
This week's episode tackles teenage dating!! We know this subject can be difficult for some parents. We discuss pointers on how to navigate the rough seas of hormonal teens.
S1 Episode 2 : Dating In 2019
2019 Sep 0118m 29s
Today's episode is all about dating! It's such a loaded topic. Join our conversation and let us know your thoughts. Are you in control of your dating life?