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Celebrating the local businesses, business people, organizations, culture and personalities of Indianapolis and central Indiana.


019 - Denola Burton - Founder and CEO of Enhanced DNA: Develop Nurture Achieve, LLC
2019 Sep 2332m 16s
Denola M. Burton is the Founder and CEO of Enhanced DNA: Develop Nurture Achieve, LLC. Through Enhanced DNA, Denola develops and nurtures individuals and organizations by enhancing their Leadership, Communication and Performance DNA and assists them in achieving success in their careers.
018 - Jim Liston - Founder of Catholic Business Exchange
2018 Nov 2833m 18s
Jim Liston is a business networking legend amongst the Indianapolis Catholic community, and for good reason.  Jim founded Catholic Business Exchange as a way for Indianapolis Catholics to share their faith, make lasting friendships and to foster business development.
017 - Eric Richards, President & CEO of Cancer Support Cummunity
2018 Nov 0539m 11s
Eric Richards has spent the better part of the past decade making quite a name for himself in the Indianapolis Not-for-Profit scene.  Before heading up Cancer Support Community Central Indiana, Eric was VP of Development and Communications for Little Red Door Cancer Agency.
016 - The Secrets of Legendary Customer Service With Danny O'Malia
2018 Oct 0134m 27s
Danny O'Malia is the first ever repeat guest on Hoosier Hometown Heroes, and for good reason.  Danny is a local legend, beloved by the Indianapolis business community with relationships that extend back to the very first days of Indy's O'Malia's Super Markets.
015 - Developing High Performance Leadership Skills With Chip Neidigh of Kairos
2018 Sep 1935m 19s
Leadership capacity increases your ability to solve your most pressing problems, but how do we set about developing and growing as leaders? Chip Neidigh is the Chief Catalyst with Kairos Consulting, and shares his thoughts on the topic.
014 Harry Howe Launches IndyGrit.Community - A Place for Indianapolis Entrepreneurs to Get Real
2018 Sep 1131m 6s
Starting and running a business is not all it's cracked up to be. Young entrepreneurs often sweat bullets over things that the "common people" don't ever need to worry about:
013 Nancy Sunshine - President, Rainmakers - Best Networking Practices
2018 Sep 0428m 54s
Nancy Sunshine is the President of the very popular Indianapolis business networking group Rainmakers, and in this episode we talk a lot about the types of skills needed to get the most out of using a group like Rainmakers. What are your goals? How do you approach a room full of strangers?
012 A Deep Faith Conversation With Pastor Scott Simmons of Faith United Church of Christ
2018 Aug 2153m 22s
Scott Simmons is Pastor of Faith United Church of Christ, and shares his deepest thoughts about his ministry.  Faith UCC is known for being a very welcoming, supportive environment for anyone wanting to get closer to God, and we hope this candid conversation helps spread the idea that everyone has a place to worship in their own way.
EP 011 Brian Wheeler of Legacy - Are You Running Your Practice or is it Running You?
2018 Mar 1247m 32s
Brian Wheeler is CEO of Legacy Practice - a fee based specialty advisory firm for doctors, dentists veterinarians and business owners.  If you own a practice of some sort, but find that the "business" part of what you do is dragging you down, then Brian is just the guy for you.  Doctors, dentists, etc. are super smart and very caring, but they aren't always educated in the ways of business ownership.
010 Jerry Knoop - Building a Business is All About Building Relationships
2018 Feb 0149m 11s
Jerry Knoop has for years been a shining example of how to build a business and a career by building and nurturing relationships.  Jerry's new company, Affinitates, is an exciting venture that helps Indianapolis businesses "get in front of the right decision makers."  What's great about Affinitates is that it is pure "Jerry Knoop" through and through - classy, discreet, friendly and focussed.