Jorge Orta's Multimodal Literacy Narrative on Time Management on
  • Jorge Orta
4 episodes
This is my Multimodal Literacy Narrative for ENGL 1301. It will discuss the literacy I have tried to pursue, that being time management because I simply can not live without order.


Branch III: Future-Thinking
2020 Sep 213m 17s
This episode discusses my last branch in my literacy narrative project and covers future planning and how it influences the way I go on about my days. It also covers how having back-up plans ensures I have something to fall back on.
Branch II: Stress
2020 Sep 172m 54s
This episode covers the nature of stress and how it can be taken as a negative or a positive. I discuss how it has actually benefited when I convert it into motivation. It keeps me aligned with my tasks and as a result leaves me less to worry about.
Branch I: Masculinity
2020 Sep 113m 30s
This episode covers an aspect of my identity and how it has shaped my need to be responsible, therefore one of the keys to acquiring the literacy of having good time management.
Introduction to Time Management
2020 Sep 041m 56s
This is my introduction to time management. It previews what I will be discussing in other episodes which will be dedicated for each branch discussed in this episode.