Coffee With Bearded Reviewer
  • Tyler Shelton
12 episodes
This is CWTBR “Coffee With The Bearded Reviewer”. I give you my personal thoughts on Nerd Culture Media while drinking my favorite drink “Coffee” Complete nerd culture. Stay tuned!


Batman Returns Review
2020 Sep 2916m 27s
The 1st episode to Dark & Halloween themed movies in the Month of October.
The Boys Season 1 Review W/ The All Talk Podcast
2020 Sep 261h 12m 47s
Check out these guys on Instagram, Facebook, and on Podcast panels such as Spotify, Apple Podcast & Anchor.
The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild Review w/ "Another Zelda Podcast"
2020 Sep 121h 17m 32s
Newest episode. This episode is the first video game review. Featuring David from Another Zelda Podcast. Enjoy this episode.
Fantastic 4 "Fant4Stic" Sarcasm review
2020 Aug 2311m 25s
Its a new segment called 'Sarcasm Reviews' as I talk about the worst movies and TV shows. Enjoy
X-Men (2000) Movie Review w/ MidwesterNerd Podcast Pt. I
2020 Aug 2132m 51s
Check these guys out on their panels such as
Disney+ Movie "Hamilton" Review & Movie Talk w/ "The Culture Marauders" Curtis
2020 Aug 0259m 10s
A brand new season!! A new brand, same ol' host.
Movies: Disney Renaissance Live Action Remakes: The Jungle Book
2020 May 316m 43s
This is the 3rd episode to the Disney renaissance special on this podcast. today is The Jungle Book Review
Movies: Disney Renaissance Live Action Remakes: Lion King 2019
2020 Mar 189m 9s
The continuation of the Disney live action remakes reviews in preparation for the next in line Mulan Movie
Movies: Disney Renaissance Live Action Remakes - Beauty & the Beast
2020 Mar 0412m 55s
The episode for live action Beauty & the Beast 2017
Movie: Thor - Ragnarock Review
2020 Feb 288m 18s
The review to Thor - Ragnarock. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffallo, Tessa Thompson & Tom Hiddleston. 8.4 out of 10