• Joshua Sterling Bragg
6 episodes
Haunting Season is a weekly Podcast, produced by Believe Limited and Matt Gielen and hosted by Joshua Sterling Bragg and Cody Dugan. The show was originally built as a digital campfire around which to tell scary stories. Bragg launched Haunting Season in February of 2013 and released one compact paranormal story per week. By the end of 2015 Haunting Season had gained 16K subscribers. The show went on hiatus for undisclosed reasons but has remained on Bragg’s mind these past five years…. Today, the show faces a new chapter as an audio/ video podcast. The reimagined Haunting Season keeps storytelling at its core with a two part original story every month (best listened to in the dark with headphones). The Haunting Season story experience is meant to fully engage your senses - with a high quality 360 degree audio journey that is built to transport, transfix, and (occasionally) terrify listeners. In addition to the HS story experience, Josh is joined by Co-Host (radio personality and fellow horror enthusiast) Cody Dugan. Together they talk about what they find scary and to people that have experienced the paranormal first hand. They will talk about the historic hauntings and how beliefs in the paranormal vary between different cultures. They also review supernatural films and books, speak with fear-topic authors and filmmakers, and occasionally take a look back at the HS archive of scary stories…. and (super) naturally, live shows can be expected around annual haunting traditions such as All Hallow’s Eve. Haunting Season isn’t just about scares, it’s about facing the unknown and taking a deep look at some of life’s most challenging unanswered questions… the afterlife, the sensory fog of feeling something just out of reach…. The show is for truth seekers, skeptics and genre-fans alike - and for anyone that has ever been transfixed while aiming to answer the question: what happens after you die?


The Haunting of Hilltop Revisited - Archive Episode!
2020 Oct 2315m 24s
This week Cody watches the first ever Haunting Season episode "Real Paranormal Activity" with a talkback afterwards with Josh. It's the archive show! Join us next Friday on YouTube for our live Halloween extravaganza!
Ancient Hauntings with T. W. Burgess
2020 Oct 2222m 47s
BONUS EPISODE! Today we talk to T.W. Burgess about his new limited edition hardbound graphic novel Early Haunts. We got our hands on a copy and it's so cool we just had to share it! Hear what inspired Thom to journey back through history and bring to life some classic horrifying tales from around the globe. This is not a sponsored message, we really just think it's cool as heck, and Thom is a fan of the show doing cool things! Get your copy by ordering before Nov. 6th! This is a limited run, so order now or be haunted by your decisions! Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/manoghosts/early-haunts-a-horror-anthology-of-early-ghost-stories TW Burgess socials: www.manoghosts.com www.twitter.com/manoghosts www.facebook.com/manoghosts www.instagram.com/manoghosts
The Curse of Mischief Night - The Door Part 2
2020 Oct 1615m 57s
Slam, click, twist, open... He's gone. Mischief Night would never be the same. Robbie's gone and that infamous door at the abandoned train station will haunt us forever.
What's on the Other Side of the Door? | Part 1 | Haunting Season
2020 Oct 0924m 31s
This week on Haunting Season, Josh recalls a chilling story from his childhood setting the stage to a foggy night at an abandoned train station. What happened to Robby on Mischief Night? And what lies beyond The Door?
The Before and the After: A Conversation About Death - Haunting Season Premiere
2020 Oct 021h 3m 46s
Welcome BACK to Haunting Season, a weekly storytelling podcast about life and the afterlife, hosted by Joshua Sterling Bragg and Cody Dugan. New episodes every Friday! Subscribe
Haunting Season Show Trailer
2020 Sep 212m 38s
Welcome to Haunting Season, a weekly storytelling podcast about life and the afterlife. Join Hosts Joshua Sterling Bragg and Cody Dugan as they talk all things scary, tell original ghost stories, and talk to authors, filmmakers and survivors of real paranormal events. Featuring original music by North Innsbruck. New episodes every Friday starting October 2nd.