Started in 2014, "Live From the Bunker" is a revamped interview/conversation program where we go one-on-one with filmmakers, writers, artists, authors, musicians, and actors about their work -- movies, books, video games, comics, and more. We elevate the conversation by going deeper than sound bites.

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LIVE FROM THE BUNKER #157: Getting Fearless with Allen Stroud
2020 Oct 271h 19m 33s
Author Allen Stroud joins us to talk about his new book, Fearless, and his work with the British Science Fiction Association.
LIVE FROM THE BUNKER #156: Cleopatra, Axanar, and You
2020 Oct 271h 5m 16s
So, Gal Gadot is going to play Cleopatra, and all the Right People are having a meltdown over the news.
LIVE FROM THE BUNKER #155: Getting Percivious with the Cooks
2020 Oct 131h 14m 45s
Jennifer Cook and Anthony Cook, MD join us to talk about their new book, Percivious Insomnia. It's their very first book, and the first in a planned trilogy.
LIVE FROM THE BUNKER #154: Cosplay for Hope with Erica Williams
2020 Oct 121h 1m 43s
Erica Williams joins us to talk about Cosplay for Hope, an organization working to help expand mental health awareness and suicide prevention.
LIVE FROM THE BUNKER #153: Talking HAMMERELLA with Ryan Winn
2020 Oct 121h 4m 23s
Gods and Gears creator Ryan Winn drops by to talk about his new crowdfunding project: the action adventure comic Hammerella: Thunderstroke!
2020 Oct 0759m 36s
Author Nadia Afifi joins us to talk about her new book THE SENTIENT -- where faith, science, and cloning all come together into all swirl into a conspiracy that could change humanity.
LIVE FROM THE BUNKER #151: Ahmed Ameen - A Superhero with Autism
2020 Oct 0758m 43s
Ahmed Ameen joins us to talk about his indie comic, The Epics of Enkidu, and how he drew inspiration from both ancient Mesopotamian mythology and his nephew's autism to create a new superhero.
LIVE FROM THE BUNKER #150: Mike Murphy Talks "Deepwell"
2020 Oct 041h 8m 31s
It's our 150th episode!
LIVE FROM THE BUNKER #149: Echoes of Cheryl Campbell
2020 Oct 041h 49s
Author Cheryl Cambpell stops by to talk about her new "Echoes" trilogy. The second book, Echoes of Darkness, is out next week. What's it like to transition from fantasy to science fiction?
LIVE FROM THE BUNKER #148: Trek the Vote?
2020 Sep 2959m 25s
Many STAR TREK alumni have banded together in support of a new initiative called "Trek The Vote". OK. They say it's a non-partisan effort. Is it?