The Baseball Card Podcast
  • Aaron Paul
17 episodes
Lets talk about baseball cards and what players could be under valued or over valued. Lets help navigate the crazy market to maximize our profits.


Willie Mays #218
2020 Oct 2310m 57s
Willie Mays first Topps card is in the iconic 1952 set. Lets discuss the career Mays had and his iconic card! Hope you enjoy this episode!
Tiffany vs Sapphire
2020 Oct 2111m 36s
What exactly is Topps tiffany set? And how does chrome sapphire compare to it? Hope you enjoy this episode!
Ed Mathews #407
2020 Oct 1510m 57s
Hall of Famer Ed Mathews 1952 rookie card, how does it stack against the likes of Mickie Mantle and other Hall of Famers with similar careers? We will explore these questions in this Fridays episode. I hope you enjoy!
Randy Arozerena!! A star being born.
2020 Oct 1311m 33s
Come on, be honest 3 weeks ago you had no idea who Randy Arozerena was. But now you do. Lets talk about him and see whether or not you should buy him! Hope you enjoy this episode!
Yogi Berra #191
2020 Oct 0911m 51s
Legendary catcher Yogi Berra. Lets talk about his 1952 topps card and why I think it is under valued! Hope you enjoy!
RIP Bob Gibson
2020 Oct 0710m 20s
Bob Gibson was legendary, He is my favorite player of all time.
Andy Pafko #1
2020 Oct 039m 11s
Andy Pafko? What makes Andy Pafkos card valuable? We dive into that question. I hope you enjoy!
Post Season Sell Offs!
2020 Sep 3013m 24s
The 2020 regular season has come to an end. Now its time for playoff baseball! With all this added attention who am I choosing to sell for a profit? Hope you enjoy this episode!
Mickey Mantle #311
2020 Sep 259m 2s
Have you wondered what made Mantles rookie card so coveted? Its gotta be more than just what he did on the field. In this episode we dive into the mantle rookie card and figure out what makes it so great. Hope you enjoy!
Baseball card show "sport cards 101"
2020 Sep 2316m 25s
Are you knew to the hobby? maybe you are getting back into it after years of being away. With everything that has changed it can be difficult to navigate the hobby. Hopefully this episode will help you out. Hope you enjoy!