Wicked Thoughts with Fleire Castro
  • Fleire Castro
12 episodes
Fleire Castro is a digital marketing consultant and sole proprietor of Third Team Media, a boutique social media and digital agency that helps corporate and marketing teams with their digital marketing campaigns to reach business goals. In this show, she shares her thoughts about business, marketing, technology, digital trends, and the digital lifestyle.


Episode 12 - On Time Management
2020 Sep 2821m 36s
How do you manage your time so you can stay productive? How do you balance your time? Fleire Castro shares techniques and strategies for time management and productivity. Which techniques work for you?
Episode 11 - On Being a Working Mom
2020 Sep 2122m 56s
What are the challenges and expectations of being a working mother? Fleire Castro shares her thoughts on being a working mom - a delicate balance between raising a happy family and having a stellar career. How do you do it?
Episode 10 - 10 Social Media Milestones in the Past 10 Years
2020 Sep 131h 17m 1s
This is a special episode as a tribute to the 10th Year Anniversary of Third Team Media, the boutique social media agency founded by Fleire Castro. You will be listening to the 10 Social Media Milestones in the Past 10 Years along with three guests - Mr. Aaron Que of Golden Prince Hotel and Suites, Dave Visaya of Podcast Engineers, and Ms. Joy Garingo of The Company Cebu.
Episode 9 - On Lessons Learned from Freelance to Agency
2020 Sep 0621m 49s
When do you know if you are ready to transition from being a freelancer to an agency owner? Fleire Castro shares some ways to know when you are ready to move to the next level of freelancing: agency ownership.
Episode 8 - On the First Mover Advantage
2020 Aug 3025m 20s
To continue the discussion on starting up a business, Fleire Castro shares about the benefits of being a first-mover in your industry or business. What are the pros of being one? How do you retain the advantages?
Episode 7 - On The Pitfalls of Being a Pioneer
2020 Aug 2322m 10s
Fleire Castro presents the five (5) pitfalls of being a pioneer, first-mover, or an early adopter as based on her experiences in running her 10-year old, boutique social media agency - Third Team Media.
Episode 6 - On Moving from Dreaming to Action (WOOP Exercise)
2020 Aug 1527m 1s
Fleire Castro discusses the WOOP Exercise - Wish, Outcome, Obstacles, Plan - to move from dreaming to action and find your way to success.
Episode 5 - On Crisis and Connectivity
2020 Aug 0829m 29s
Fleire Castro fleshes out challenges on internet connectivity in the Philippines during the crisis - the concerns of an agency if you have bandwidth challenges.
Episode 4 - On Professional and Personal Boundaries
2020 Jul 2531m 58s
In this episode, Fleire Castro discusses boundaries personally and professionally. She shares her experience on this challenge in the past 15 years and she shares seven (7) tips on how to protect your time when managing clients or your business.
Episode 3 - On Traditional Mentoring and Peer Mentoring
2020 Jul 1723m 5s
In this episode, Fleire Castro discusses her mentoring experiences through traditional and through the Cherie Blair Foundation and the different types of mentoring. She also shares future plans to build a peer mentoring community.