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A safe space for conversation - like talking to your best friends. Friends that have your back, that are encouraging, and that challenge you to not only improve your life, but yourself.


Our First Home Stories
2020 Oct 2730m 42s
Madison and Priscilla share their emotions and thoughts leading up to the purchase of their first homes. Thank you to our listeners for sticking with us as Priscilla was down with Covid and we did not release for 2 weeks. We are so happy to be back and that you are back!
Weight and Body Positivity
2020 Oct 0624m 33s
Priscilla and Madison share their stories, struggles, and current thoughts on weight and body positivity. (Apologies for the traffic noise and mic bump in advance)If this episode resonates with you we would greatly appreciate a subscription and review!
People Pleasing
2020 Sep 2928m 26s
People pleasing - here's how and the many areas that it shows up in our lives.
Marie Kondo, Minimalism, + OCD
2020 Sep 2230m 11s
Today's episode is a little longer, perhaps a perfect listen while cleaning your house.We realize we both are very similar in this area of cleaning and the angst it creates - if you don't relate we'd love to hear your unique take on cleaning or just be your curiosity - no judgement here. DM us about how you feel about cleaning, minimalism, etc. on FB or Insta!
Seasonal Depression + Welcome
2020 Sep 1516m 30s
Madison and Priscilla share their experiences with seasonal depression and introduce themselves and the YHMH podcast!