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Hosts Lydia and Taylor discuss Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series, romance tropes, Regency shenanigans, what they're reading, and all things literary.


Heist Time! Part 1
2020 Oct 271h 33m 47s
Introducing a new segment: Stuff We Know About Italian Opera Singers.Taylor and Lydia really, REALLY loved It’s in His Kiss, the 7th book in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, but our true love goes to the inimitable Lady Danbury.The Netflix Bridgerton...
Lydia’s Comfort Recs
2020 Oct 2043m 21s
As we read It’s in His Kiss in preparation for next week’s episode, Lydia and Taylor discuss Lydia’s go-to comfort watches. From getting out the vote and women’s health to (problematic) childhood classics, this Regency-ish romance podcast is going full...
Wicked Capes & Ticking Clocks: Part 2
2020 Oct 131h 12m 50s
Michael gets consent! He gets it! In Part 2, Lydia and Taylor discuss seeing another side of Lady Vi’s character, grapple with themes of Julia Quinn’s When He Was Wicked, including grief, death of a spouse, and guilt, and decide where Michael ranks...
Wicked Capes & Ticking Clocks: Part 1
2020 Oct 061h 6m 20s
Who's the Elinor and who's the Marianne? Lydia and Taylor discuss book 6 in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, When He Was Wicked. We create a playlist to accompany the book (you’re welcome), dissect tropes, don excellent male voices, and respond to...
Baby, it's Time
2020 Sep 2949m 20s
Lydia and Taylor chat about time travel romance (more or less). Next week we'll be discussing Bridgertons in Scotland with book 6, When He Was Wicked.Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, please tell a friend.You can find us on Instagram...
You’ve Got Letters: Part 2
2020 Sep 221h 11m 51s
To Sir Phillip with Love, part 2 of 2Taylor decides the main trope of the 5th Bridgerton book is definitely the Von Trapp trope, Lydia calls out Eloise on her class and white privilege, we discuss mental health and mental illness in the romance genre,...
You've Got Letters: Part 1
2020 Sep 151h 20m 19s
Book 5 of the Bridgerton series gives us a chance to talk about mental health in romance novels. In part one of Julia Quinn’s To Sir Phillip with Love, we examine what makes this book different from the previous four. We enjoy these introspective...
Bears, Beets, Boning
2020 Sep 088m 17s
In which we attempt to stay on topic with the hidden identity trope and wind up discussing paranormal romance. Lydia doesn’t care about the plot and Taylor refuses to give spoilers. Loving shout out to Sara of the specific spoiler questions ;-) This...
Whistledown Strikes Back: Part 3
2020 Sep 011h 24m 16s
“Hey Penelope, your wallflower days are over, you rad spinster, you!” - Lady Danbury, probablyThis episode, we take our sweet time and tackle tropes from Julia Quinn’s Romancing Mr. Bridgerton. Featuring dudebros, privilege, historical fiction as a...
Whistledown Strikes Back: Part 2
2020 Aug 251h 11m 45s
The role of writing in Romancing Mr. Bridgerton is the Russian nesting doll of this episode, which covers Penelope and Colin’s relationship, mansplaining, body image, and beauty standards. In our second episode on Julia Quinn’s fourth Bridgerton book,...