Meet You At The Bottom
  • Abhinav Brahmamdam
7 episodes
A conversation podcast where we get to the bottom of topics at the top of mind - with a drink in hand, of course!


#6 - Happy Hour with Shanu Mathew: What's it like to Manage a Weekly Newsletter + the Pros of Creative Writing
2020 Oct 221h 9m 44s
In today's episode, I sat down with my good friend Shanu Mathew for a must-listen conversation. We discussed how he manages his weekly publication, The Balance Newsletter (link below), his foray into creative writing (with a focus on the need to read, write and share more) and lastly, his passion for music, Kobe Bryant and educating folks about climate change. Last but not least, Shanu was enjoying Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's tequila (Teremana) while I was sipping on some Scorpion Mezcal from Mexico. I HIGHLY recommend all listeners to subscribe to his newsletter at and follow him at @ShanuMathew93 on Twitter. Shanu is your guy for thought-provoking and educational pieces on the latest political, social, environmental, sports and entertainment news. Hit that subscribe button!
#5 - (Special Episode) - Fighting Illini Football 2020 Season Preview
2020 Oct 201h 34m 20s
Illinois Football is Back! This week, I sat down with Illini Football experts Lee Brown and John Kratz as we dissected each position unit, discussed key strengths and questions for each position and provided our overall expectations for the Illini ahead of this season. In the second half, we were joined by special guest Joe Allegretti as we went through each game on the schedule, provided our thoughts on the players to watch for the opposition, keys for an Illini victory and most importantly, a final score prediction. For all the Illini fans out there, this is a must-listen episode as this is your Illini Football primer to get up to speed before Friday night's matchup. Spoiler alert - one of us has the Illini in the Big Ten Championship.
#4 - (Birthday Special) - My Interview with the Bay Area's Finest: Graham Gawthorne
2020 Oct 1539m 17s
We're changing it up this week! Instead of an in-depth discussion on a topic, we're unpacking the life of one of my good friends and birthday boy - Graham Gawthorne (birthday is 10/15). We explore his childhood in Oakland, time at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and his return to the Bay Area. We did the interview at his lovely Pacific Heights apartment and him, his girlfriend and their new puppy Sammy welcomed me with open arms and more importantly, a 6-pack of Pacifico. Enjoy!
#3 - Blockchain Explained: What the Hell is it and Why do I Need to Know About it?
2020 Oct 131h 10m 49s
Blockchain. Bitcoin. Ethereum. Cryptocurrency. Web 3.0... Join me as I delve into the future with my buddies Nick and Conner. Nick and Conner are experts in this technology and they joined me this week as we discussed the concept of blockchain technology, the practical applications and some of their own personal experiences on the subject. It was a very enlightening and thought-provoking conversation and if anyone has any remote interest in learning more about blockchain, Nick and Conner should be your very first call. Look for both to be back on the pod for multiple episodes on this subject as we only scratched the surface this week. For those curious, Conner was easily taking down a bottle of Rose while Nick was enjoying a crisp, fresh non-alcoholic beer.
#2 - Thoughts on Consumer Behavior During and Post-COVID-19
2020 Oct 0852m 9s
This week, I was joined by my good friend and under-the-radar consumer behavior expert Kelly McCarthy as we discussed the pandemic’s implications on consumer purchasing and eating habits. Kelly kept it classy with some red wine and I was trying to relive the summer days with a fresh Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. Hope you enjoy the episode!
#1 - Reactions from the 1st 2020 Presidential Debate
2020 Oct 0150m 4s
I was joined this week by my good friends Parth and Parag as we discussed our reactions to the 1st Presidential "Debate" from Tuesday night. We reviewed our key takeaways, the media coverage of the event and the subsequent implications on the race moving forward. Cocktails enjoyed were Whiteclaws, Nippon Coolers and Bud Lights for Parth, Parag and myself, respectively. Hope you enjoy the episode!
Introducing Meet You At The Bottom
2020 Sep 291m 56s
This is a podcast where we dive deep into top of mind topics with a variety of guests while we enjoying our favorite cocktails. If you enjoy entertaining and educational conversations and you enjoy the occasional drink or two, this show is for you. Join us every other week as we discuss the current issues on our minds in this crazy new world of ours.