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Episode 3: The Prisoner of aHazzzbeeen
2017 Dec 0552m 57s
yeaaa the we talk suicide, undercover boss, and some locker room talk for u snowflakes so BEWARE
Episode 2: Libz get Owned
2017 Nov 2950m 45s
ayOo what is up guys n gals it is ur favorite podcasters the Chicken Parm Boys back for a much anticipated Episode 2. We talk Roy Moore, believing in Santa, the death of Lil Peep, and Jordan tries to sell life insurance. Hope y'all enjoy, spread it so we can get 1000 views and we can get some Chicken Parm Boys shirts....
Episode 1: Part 2
2017 Nov 0625m 30s
PAPA Johns
Episode 1: Part 1
2017 Nov 0622m 46s
Episode 1: Part 1 by Chicken Parm Boys