• Saluting Darwin
28 episodes
A crazy podcast about the best of the worst. Listen to our true stories of stupidity, epic fails and human nature at its finest.


E19 It All Sounds Fishy to Me
2020 Apr 2717m 54s
This collection of fishy tales and stupidity is sure to make you smile... or slap your forehead.
E18 Cops, Chops, & Stops
2020 Apr 1219m 52s
Hoppy Easter form all of us at Saluting Darwin! This week, we present to you stories of law breakers and Easter miracles.
E17 Escaped Patients, Unlucky 7, and a Double Bar Bet.
2020 Mar 3025m 43s
What do you get when you mix a bus full of asylum patients, a park ranger with bright personality, and a bar bet that soars above the rest? Another puntastic episode of Saluting Darwin.
E16 Gumby with a Gun, The New York Nankees, and Spiking the Oats.
2020 Mar 1618m 6s
This weeks episode comes with not one, but five great stories not to mention the horrible Irish accents (sorry Ireland). You think you've heard it all until the team starts trying to score some doped up oats.
E15 Smoke It, Snort It, & Wash It Down with "Punch"
2020 Mar 0123m 17s
Listen to this weeks tales of spicy robberies gone wrong, reasons to always follow directions, and a drunken homecoming.
E14 Slip & Slide (Winter Edition), a Dangerous Game of Catch, and The Not So Great Crystal Caper.
2020 Feb 1717m 31s
We think the title says it all for this weeks episode.
E13 Yummy KC Salads, Early AstroNUTS, a Gypsy Sidekick, and Flying Frenchman
2020 Feb 0230m 57s
This week we journey way back to year 760 AD, long before Darwin even existed, to learn about a moon loving Chinese poet. Followed by tales of a Gypsy psychic, then to 1912 for a French folly.
E12 Weight Loss and an Off Balanced Meal
2020 Jan 1923m 13s
Mom always said "Everything in moderation." I guess, once again, she was right.
E11 A Glove, a Drunk Bear, and a Cactus
2020 Jan 0520m 53s
In this episode we have to wonder if there is a wrong place to leave a glove, a bad way to give a bear hug, and a horrible way to get acupuncture. We think by the end of the episode the answer will be YES!
E10 Christmas Special
2019 Dec 2328m 34s
To brighten up the end of the year and celebrate the holidays, the Saluting Darwin team are bringing you 6 Christmas miracles. Happy Holidays to all!