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In this podcast we discuss many themes around spirituality with you: how it plays an essential role in our entrepreneur decisions and business mission as well as in our lives. We also address some topics that go against the actual beauty industry standards, but we believe that it is important to share this vision with you.


Episode # 5 - Anchoring the Couple
2020 Oct 1321m 50s
As a couple in life and being a team in our company, we discuss several topics that have built our loving relationship: detach from commodity fetishism, having a better understanding of the role of women, going back to basics for a simpler and more fluid couple relationship. We give you some leads, in our opinion, for a more harmonious relationship.
The power of rituals
2020 Oct 1317m 51s
We are talking about the importance of rituals and why we believe it is essential to have some in our lives as they tend to bring more serenity in our hearts.
Podcast #3: Wall Street Beauty
2020 Sep 3027m 41s
This term we’re using may be surprising, but it is helpful to understand to what extent this industry can be predatory and alienating. We truly want to contribute to end these predatory and alienating sides of this beauty. However, in order to succeed, as an actor or as a consumer, we need to understand what it is. We hope that sharing this will be enriching, and maybe even liberating !
PODCAST #2 Business of the heart: keeping it “small” despite challenges
2020 Sep 3027m 24s
Discover why we’ve consciously chosen to remain a “small” independent and family business. We will share our 6 fundamental pillars: authenticity, generosity, gratitude, adaptability and relevance.
Podcast #1: Beyond skincare: the spiritual elevation!
2020 Sep 3022m 54s
In this episode, we will discuss spirituality in the very heart of Luxcey. You will discover why it is essential and a precious ally.