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The Ramblin Gambler teaches you his techniques for using casino gambling as a reliable side hustle and winning each month. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/casinokombat/support


EP 19 - TRG teaches you how to be lucky in a casino!
2020 Oct 2023m 28s
The Ramblin Gambler offers his thoughts on a new wrinkle with promotions.  He has a casino wisdom that teaches you how to be lucky.  And he shares a story about amazing bar service in Atlantic City!
EP 18 - 6-5 vs 3-2 Blackjack! An Australian Encounter in the VIP Lounge!
2020 Oct 1336m 19s
The Ramblin Gambler shares his take on various forms of Blackjack.  He has a casino wisdom that explores techniques for getting the most out of free and match bets.  He shares his results for the week, and takes some time in the VIP lounge to share stories about a gambling friend from Australia.
EP 17 - New Segment - Gamblin w/Gabriel!
2020 Oct 0627m 44s
The Ramblin Gambler brings you a new Gamblin with Gambriel segment and the most important and difficult Casino Wisdom.  Only 4 casinos visited this week, what were the results!  In the VIP Lounge, TRG shares a story about an ally breaking an online casino and one of his favorite Gabriel stories.
EP 10 - A deep dive into correct Blackjack Strategy charts! TRG shares a lesson learned in the VIP lounge!
2020 Sep 3023m 1s
The Ramblin Gambler reviews matching the strategy chart you use to the table you are playing.  Explains how not to tip away your wins in a moment of casino wisdom.  Gets reminded of is own teaching by Mrs. TRG.  TRG uses the VIP lounge to share a big mistake he made in his youth and the lessons learned.
EP 16 - TRG Explains extreme casinoing! Did team TRG win the month?
2020 Sep 2927m 46s
The Ramblin Gambler gives examples of applying extreme couponing to the casino environment and revisits a Casino Wisdom from another point of view.  TRG recaps the month to determine if the team won or lost, and in the VIP lounge shares a shady technique for influencing blackjack dealers.
EP 15 - Strangest card counting ever! Small bankroll gambling.
2020 Sep 2235m 37s
The Ramblin Gambler covers small bankroll options for getting started.  TRG has a great casino wisdom segment, wins the week, and shares the strangest card counting story yet!
EP 14 - The toughest hand in blackjack!
2020 Sep 1529m 2s
The Ramblin Gambler answers a question about craps and sports betting.  He discusses the toughest hand in blackjack and shares a baseball metaphor for managing wins at a casino.   The travel segment describes a losing week and how to handle it, and how not to handle a casino win is illustrated in the VIP lounge.  Emails questions@casinokombat.com to get your questions answered. If you have a technique to share, email whatido@casinokombat.com.
EP 13 - Avoiding losing money by avoiding this mistake. A simple card counting strategy.
2020 Sep 0724m 55s
The Ramblin Gambler discusses winning more money by not making this common mistake, and shares a Casino Wisdom on planning your gambling trip.  Then TRG outlines the results of his gambling trip this week as well as Gabriel's results.  In the VIP Lounge a simple card counting system is explained.
EP 12 - Additional tips and tricks for increasing your casino points! A review of profits or losses for the month.
2020 Sep 0725m 13s
The Ramblin Gambler reviews additional tips and techniques related to casino points and shares a casino wisdom that does the same thing.  He has a losing but interesting casino trip, and reviews the month to determine if it was profitable or painful.
Ep 11 - Another take on wagering systems in the Core Koncepts! TRG becomes casino allies with the father of a WWE star!
2020 Sep 0625m 29s
The Ramblin Gambler takes another look at progressive and regressive wagering systems.  Shares an important Casino Wisdom.  Has a weekend trip that shows everything isn't always sunshine and roses, and in the VIP lounge shares how he became friends with the father of a WWE superstar!