Chillin And Living it
  • Justin
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Most of this is taking place at my high school and some is gonna be at home or friends house. My names Justin and enjoy your stay.


Ian’s brain
2020 Jan 0916m 23s
This episode is a very strange and weird one. This is Ian’s very own episode (there’s your warning)
Christmas traditions, special needs and the school system and pet peeves
2019 Dec 2020m 35s
This is a pretty nice episode it’s a little different happy holidays!
Feminism and opinions
2019 Dec 188m 38s
This episode is a little different than the rest it covers a controversial topic that might be some what upsetting.
Childhood habits, and ranting about teachers.
2019 Dec 1613m 33s
This is the first actual podcast so enjoy it. I talked about teachers, fears, and the future.
Welcome to the podcast! Hope y’all enjoy your stay and find what you like. I’ll see you soon.
2019 Dec 1551s
This episode is my very first and you should view it as a “trailer” for the channel. It talks about what I do and things like that.