• Chris Kevin Scott
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23 - You Won't Like These Movies
2019 Apr 1544m 22s
Join Chris, Kevin and Scott as they discuss movies you don't like.
22 - Stay Tuned for This After-Credits Special
2019 Apr 0233m 22s
Chris, Kevin and Scott dive deep into well after the movie is over, analytically break down after-credits scenes and how they can help a film's box office.
21 - You, Copyright and You
2019 Mar 1840m 53s
Join Chris, Kevin and Scott as they discuss the most important law of all, (C)opyright©™! It's more interesting than it sounds, please don't leave us...
20 - Two Comic Books and a Chris II - Game Show Episode!
2019 Feb 2440m 49s
New year, new episodes! Join us as we rehash an old idea that we have yet to beat into the ground! IT'S A GAME SHOW EPISODE!