Selling From The Beach
  • Rob Cosman
6 episodes
If you are ready to talk about all things selling on amazon and other online markets this is the show for you. Tune in as Rob and Marsha talk about online entrepreneurship and designing a lifestyle that you can create with the freedom that e-commerce allows. Since July 2016 these two Canadians moved and live full time in Costa Rica with their two young boys, to live out a designed lifestyle they started back in 2012. This show will give you strategies, tips, motivation and some inspiration to grow your online business. If you have not yet started, perhaps this will give you the push to start your first online business.


Passive Income In Hammock? The World of Affiliate Marketing With Spencer Mecham
2020 Oct 2748m 10s
If you are new to the world of affiliate marketing then my interview with Spencer Mecham of today is going to be good and could motivate you to start.  We discuss his affiliate marketing journey, what his team looks like, what worked...
Profitable Strategies for Selling on Instagram with Full Time Artist Kyra Kendall
2020 Oct 191h 5m 25s
Is Instagram the new art gallery where you browse and purchase art directly from the artist?  On this episode, I talk with Kyra who is a full-time artist who sells 97% of her artwork direct to customers on Instagram.  She gives us some insight on her...
Can You Really Make Money with Youtube with Samer Brax
2020 Oct 121h 36s
In this episode, I sit down with Samer Brax.  Born in Lebanon and now lives in Montreal, Quebec Canada, he has a successful and profitable youtube channel discussing selling on Amazon and Shopify.  In this episode we talk about his journey, growing his...
Entrepreneurship is Hard When You Are 25 Selling 7 Figures with Dickson Leung
2020 Oct 0550m 55s
On this episode I’m talking to Dickson Leung, who is an online amazon seller who is well into the 7 figures, running a super automated online arbitrage business and, oh he is only 25 years old.  We talk about his journey, wins and a number of struggles...
Motivating a Virtual Team and Ramping Up Amazon Business with Sean RK
2020 Sep 241h 15m 45s
In this episode, I sit down with Sean RK to discuss his journey from starting out selling online all the way to now having a warehouse, virtual and domestic teams and turning down too many business opportunities.  We chat about motivation, leading a...
Thrifting Bins To 7 Figures on Amazon Max Sigurdson-Scott
2020 Aug 271h 35s
Max Sigurdson-Scott and his online selling journey. In only a few short years, he went from thrifting items to retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and now his own line of products on Amazon.