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Welcome to Daily Verse by Verse Bible Study where my name is not important, but the name of Jesus Christ is. We study the bible verse by verse, observing the text, interpreting the meaning, and applying it to our lives. It’s important and biblical that you study the whole counsel of God, that you be ready in season and out of season, that you Go and make disciples, and that you be diligent to present yourself approved to God, and that you rightly divide the word of truth. Let's do life together. Cover art photo provided by Ben White on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@benwhitephotography


Rev 6:12-15
2020 Oct 2313m 56s
Even the rich and powerful cannot hide from the wrath of God. You want justice for the thief and murderer. Remember that Jesus is Just
Rev 6:9-11
2020 Oct 2118m 42s
During the Tribulation, many will come to faith in Christ and an extremely large number of those new believers will die for their faith. What are you willing to do for your faith in Jesus? Is your faith real and tangible, or is it superficial, horse-talk that could use a makeover? God did His makeover on me at 33.
Rev 6:7-8
2020 Oct 2012m 14s
War is disguised as Patriotism. The antichrist and deception is disguised as a peacemaker. Famine is disguised by luxury. Jesus doesn’t wear a disguise and His peace is assured. Eternal peace for believers when they die, and earthly peace during the Millennial Kingdom after the Tribulation.
Rev 6:3-6
2020 Oct 1915m 56s
Those whose goal is world peace will be swayed by the antichrist. Jesus is the only one who can bring lasting peace. Don’t put your faith in a politician, but in the One who puts the politicians in power.
Rev 6:1-2
2020 Oct 1614m 12s
The anti Christ will imitate Jesus with a white horse, crown on his head, and a bow in his hand. People only counterfeit the real thing. Jesus is the real thing.
Rev 5:11-14
2020 Oct 1411m 41s
Jesus is worthy. He deserves honor and glory. We should desire to glorify Him. He loves you so much that He humbled Himself to the point of death.
Rev 5:8-10
2020 Oct 1313m 59s
Jesus is the Lamb who was slain for you. He knows your prayers, all of them.
Rev 5:6-7
2020 Oct 0913m 18s
Who is the Lamb? The Lamb remained silent, opened not its mouth, shed its blood for us, was sacrificed for us, and takes away the sins of the world. The Lamb of God is Jesus.
Rev 5:2-5
2020 Oct 0815m 43s
Jesus alone is worthy to open the scroll. We are not to be afraid, nor focus on earthly things. Rather we are called to trust in Him, focus on Godly things, and love on people. Know that Jesus has prevailed, but He has not yet executed His judgments nor taken possession of the earth again.
Rev 4:11-5:1
2020 Oct 0816m 38s
Only God is worthy of worship. But are we also worshipping certain people or celebrities or even ourselves? God relinquished title to the earth to Satan, bought He bought it back with the blood of His son on the cross. But He won’t take possession until His 2nd coming.