Docklands Light Radio (DLR)
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Introducing some of the unique individuals, businesses, sights, sounds & environments of Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, Limehouse & Poplar. Every programme will be different, some you will like, others you may want to skip, we aim to create short and in contrast, in depth interviews with people you have never met, about places & things we hope may interest & attract you to the uniqueness which is the historic & contemporary East London on the north bank of the River Thames.Here is so much more than a corporate commercial centre for Financial Services, Management Consultancies & Legal Services.Our aim to is help people who work, visit or live here to see, hear & enjoy aspects of the area which they didn’t know about. All our Podcasts are community oriented - non political, non confrontational, without advertising nor sponsorship.


A Floating around Bishop, Messy Lives, Knitting Needle Box, Birmingham’s Skatepark, Ghostbusters & 3d Printing… and the connection is….
2020 Oct 1736m 26s
Cris' description of his work is "we're serving the neighbourhood, our church is the container for the local community. To some, we’ve been the Sunday pitstop. Since the pandemic we're also now part of a lot more people’s Monday to Saturday.
Tower Hamlets: two men talk about Mental Health apps, Queueing, Parks, Plays, Poetry & Trinity Buoy Wharf
2020 Oct 069m 35s
Corporate lawyer, philanthropist & business mentor Robin chats to Matthew about some of the things he's noticed about his 'hood... the interesting & calming places to visit but in addition, some of the interesting new business & opportunities which are growing during this time of adversity.
Self Development - "shall I stay the arse that I am"
2020 Sep 2313m 42s
Laurent's compelling story runs from today's "despite Covid I'm Good Busy" back as far as "I was successful but nobody wanted anything to do with me" and in the middle, involves a life change and unexpected career switch.Laurent explains the person he was, the positivity he now lives by and some of his "life beliefs" which he has found on the way. Religion & money don't feature in his story but Andy who interviews him hears about the transformation which has resulted in a person who is happy in his own skin & whose task it is to bring positivity to those around him
Two guys are chatting: one is known as "Blank" & is a philosopher & musician, the other knows that for him, a coffee or a chat which makes somebody's life better is "mission accomplished"...
2020 Sep 0311m 13s
You could be rich but you could be an ar5ehole if your social interaction is poor. That’s not something you should be happy about... Alon discusses with Andy whether materialism results in the courtesy of not opening a door or saying “thank you” - where did politeness go? Has awareness gone for ever?Is this disappointment speaking, or philosophy or hope/leadership in ways going forward?
Canary Wharf has pretty much everything one needs - I've even found somewhere to eat away from everybody's carbs & meat
2020 Sep 0315m 39s
Phil was born in leafy Surrey, lives in Alexandra Park, works in the City & Canary Wharf but has a hankering to be a Clipper Captain (Thames Clippers / Uber take note!). If he wasn't a successful technologist within the financial services industry, he'd also be happy abseiling the offices of where he works. Despite all of this (or perhaps because of it), his motto is "People are key... human contact critical & that's what makes work enjoyable"
Jobs you never thought of: Latte Artist
2020 Aug 0414m 54s
Two men sit & chat about... COFFEE! ...both love it, both are passionate about ensuring their customers learn about it, enjoy its differences and most importantly, get a great experience in drinking it "at its best" Ernie's top tip? Try to find that motivation - it plays a big role in how you progress… whatever field you are in. Expand your knowledge in what you enjoy… then branch out your skills Follow Ernie on Instagram on ernie.jr_
Agriculture, Technology, Wisdom of Crowds, do we see our future with AI & the community?
2020 Jul 1914m 2s
Discussing the concepts of whether one hundred people know more than one "expert", the conversation with Andy & Alon ranges from "chipping-up" human being through to whether altruism is the key driver to success in creating a cash-pile within a career
I couldn’t live in Canary Wharf, I need the hour between my home & work to get ready or to decompress despite not enjoying the commute from the other side of town
2020 Jul 198m 47s
Andy interviews Remy - digital publishing specialist about where to take family & friends in Canary Wharf, what's so special about Cambodian Sandwiches & Slow Cooked Lentils, Commuting & Customer-centricity
30-45mins to commute or on a treadmill or engaged with a podcast… its all about the attention span/given length of time for today’s life!
2020 Jul 0611m 10s
Remy & Andy chat about what motivates clients/customers, how to engage interest, build loyalty & motivate oneself to deliver consistent high quality … whether its a “Flat White” or “Full Copy”Seeing somebody on the underground using the product & clearing enjoying it when you launched it just a couple of weeks earlier - that just one of the best things about working
Australia's "The Gong", Yorkshire & now Canary Wharf... challenging times & conditions for a 4yr old's mother
2020 Jul 0620m 50s
"That was not the dinner I asked for Mummy!"The backwards & forwards of parenthood... a four & six year olds with their mother living on the Isle of Dogs whose husband works in Canary Wharf.Belinda is an active member of the community which meets on St Peter's, the only Church on a barge which worships in a cinema  & socialises in a museum!"I find Canary Wharf quite tranquil...What's missing in Canary Wharf?A soft play area"