Ellipsis with Noorulain Masood
  • Noorulain Masood
1 episode
Social Innovation is hard, and very very all consuming. All I remember from my year as the CEO of a social venture in Pakistan are meetings and more meetings, with not enough time to reflect in the middle. This podcast aims to provide a space for social innovators to pause, learn, and improve their practice, particularly in a developing country context. Ellipsis is the open space, the pause, the uninterrupted continuation of a thought. Each episode is short, no more than 30 min, where we try to make academic knowledge in leadership, social innovation, and organizational behavior accessible to social leaders. The idea – they get better at their job, and we all get a better world.


S01E00 - Sound check - Beta
2016 Jun 175m 59s
Pilot - Beta version with minor technical glitches