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The Moon Landing
2020 Oct 1440m 16s
Jumpy and Boaty debate the talking points of the moon landing...was it real or fake???
Congress Term Limits
2020 Oct 0743m 1s
Jumpy & Boaty dispute the ideas of congressional term limits and why we should or should not have term limits and discuss possible compromises.
Pro Live or Pro Choice
2020 Sep 301h 4m 38s
Jumpy & Boaty talk about the different views on pro life and pro choice with our second guest host Claire.
Detroit-Motor City
2020 Sep 1634m 10s
Jumpy and Boaty talk about the rise and fall of Detroit, Michigan.
Fact Vs. Faith PT. 2
2020 Sep 1058m 25s
With help from special guest Bryce, Jumpy and boaty continue the topic of fact vs. faith.
Fact Vs. Faith PT. 1
2020 Sep 0853m 52s
In this two part series, Jumpy and Boaty discuss the contrast of science and religion.
Renewable Energy
2020 Sep 0255m 7s
Jumpy & Boaty tackle the topic of Renewable energy and the effects on the environment from different sources of energy.
Hope For America
2020 Sep 022m 1s
A heartfelt message from Jumpy & Boaty. Our thoughts and prayers go to all families effected durning these times...Stay safe and thank you for listening to Disputable Facts.
Extraterrestrial Life
2020 Aug 2652m 3s
Extraterrestrial life...is it out there?
The Manhattan Project
2020 Aug 1935m 20s
In this episode we go over the events and timeline for the creation of the atomic bomb.