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From graphic design, video animation to content creation, writing, proposals and much more. Host Dino Dans, talks about the business of design, and communications and design in the private, non-profit, and public sectors Support this podcast:


006 - Inhouse vs Outsourced Creative Agency - What's Right For Your Business?
2020 Jul 076m 20s
Should you invest in building an inhouse creative team? Or should just hire an external creative agency? Where will you get better results and value? In this episode, I will give you a guide to help you find out what you need for your business. Let’s find out.
005 - How to Price Creativity
2020 Jun 234m 20s
If you don't charge hourly, how do you put a price tag on creativity? Learn and listen about the 2 alternative pricing models I use, and when I use them.
004 - Hourly Billing is a Nightmare
2020 Jun 174m 20s
If you want to start charging higher, stop billing by the hour. Join me as I talk about how hourly billing affects your profit, your team, and your clients.
003 - How to Increase Your Productivity While Working From Home
2020 Jun 082m
How might we optimize our ability to focus? We might be the most distracted generation and our attention spans are only getting shorter. A regular person gets distracted every 90 seconds and gets only  3.5 hours’ worth of productive time in a workday.
002 - Branding Vs. Marketing
2020 Jun 033m
If you had money to spend where should you spend it first; Branding or Marketing? In this episode, we look at the differences between branding and marketing, and which one is more important for your business.
001 - The Process of Content Creation
2020 Jun 022m 20s
Is there a way to consistently create good content? In this episode, I will be sharing my content creation checklist as we talk about the Process of Content Creation.