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2020 Oct 074m 45s
11:11 • Today we're bringing out the Angel Numbers and re-tuning the collective consciousness. Instead of fear and masks we're gonna invite everyone to join in and tune into Love, Peace, Unity, Harmony, Health and Freedom at 11:11am and 11:11pm every single day.
Libra Season
2020 Oct 064m 58s
Today we are talking about the "Scales", common  law, justice, balance, harmony, stock market crashes (heads up!) and  much much more...
2020 Sep 2710m 18s
SEPT 21 • ENERGY PORTAL • Life & Death
2020 Sep 2213m 47s
Tune in - today is a big energy portal between Life & Death ... It's also my B-Day !
Are You A REAL Man ?
2020 Sep 1418m 16s
Are you a REAL man ? Or are you just a submissive government slave that wears a mask and does whatever your told ? Are you ready for the government to say that you need to get a covid vaccine (bio weapon) injected into you ?  What will you do then ?
REAL Health
2020 Sep 1217m 57s
Are vaccines healthy ? Is getting bioweapon injected into me a good idea?
I Just Wanted a Tomato
2020 Sep 0118m 28s
Went to the #farmersmarket today to buy a #tomato and got the #cops called on me for #notwearingamask.
Say Goodbye To The Dollar ...
2020 Aug 279m 49s
Hey here's a little heads up guys, the dollar is gonna crash.   Oh and the stock markets gonna crash, again.  Oh and the real estate market is gonna crash as well.
Virgo Season
2020 Aug 275m 45s
It's the best time of year ! Virgo Season baby!
The ONLY way to CURE a Virus
2020 Aug 274m 34s
The cat's out the bag folks, there is ONLY one way to CURE a Virus ...