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  • Adesola Aladesawe
13 episodes
This is a podcast focused on identifying and tackling issues ranging from political, youth based issues, social issues and everything that is of great interest to the average individual....Available every second and last fridays in every month! AnticipatešŸ„°


2020 Sep 1130m 6s
To discuss the prevailing and disturbing acts of young girls asking guys for money as some form of entitlement!
Effective communication: "Listening to understand or just responding"
2020 Aug 1423m 45s
This episode talks about some of the challenges encountered in communication.
Post Partum Depression! What you should know
2020 Jul 2734m 1s
This episode addresses what PPD is about, its nature and how women and men can deal with it together!!!
New Year Resolutions
2020 May 2712m 32s
To give insights about what new year resolutions are about and what you can do to keep at them.
Social Media Etiquette
2020 May 0725m 28s
To share tips about our engagements online and what we should do and not do when we do engage on our social media platforms!
Pressure on Millenials
2020 Apr 2350m 9s
Identifying some of the challenges and pressures Millenials face...
Corona, Naija and celebrations
2020 Mar 1319m 25s
Coronavirus and everything that's happened in Naija. International women's day also features
Love Quotient
2020 Feb 1413m 32s
Beyond Feb 14...our love quotient should be constant
The Gift of Failure
2020 Jan 2410m 45s
To encourage that a setback is only a path in the journey to success not the journey's end!
Service, an act of humility
2019 Dec 0712m 32s
A conclusion of the episode: Hard Knock, a lesson on humility