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We are a Jane Austen podcast where we read through her books and discuss - because why not.Hosts Catrina and Elle are lit majors who love reading these books through a modern and historic lens.


The Pompous Proposal of Mr. Collins
2020 Oct 211h 10m 31s
Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 19-24If you haven't heard enough about Mr. Collins, this is the episode where he really "shines." Yes, we've finally get to discuss the infamous proposal of Mr Collins to Lizzy Bennet. Probably one of the most iconic scenes of Pride and Prejudice, followed by one of the best lines in all of the books. While completely cringe-worthy in itself, this proposal sets up so much of what follows in this classic romance. Alternative titles:No is a complete sentence, Mr. Collins.4 proposal attempts and funeralThe luxury of never having to speak to your crazy mother again.Charlotte Lucas knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.
Dancing, Dissing, and Doubt
2020 Oct 141h 9m 36s
Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 13-18This episode includes a visit from Mr. Collins, a long-lost relative whose intentions are more than they seem, the arrival of Wickham, a dashing officer who quickly captures our fair Lizzy's heart, and the long-awaited Netherfield ball... wait, Darcy can dance?!  Let's discuss polite dissing, how one-sided stories can spread doubt throughout a small town, and of course, the propriety of not interrupting one's dance - looking at you Sir William.
Hosts, Guests, and Propriety
2020 Oct 071h 2m 22s
Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 8-12Pardon our recording quality! We are still new to this whole recording process and because of that, this episode - being only our second episode - is not up to our quality standards. Please be kind as this isn't how future episodes will sound.In this episode we look at what it means to be a guest, a host, and an "accomplished lady" in the world of Pride and Prejudice. We get to see how Lizzy handles herself when left alone with the Bingleys and Mr. Darcy. But most importantly, we get to see the true character of Miss Caroline Bingley, the hostess turned jealous competitor for Mr Darcy's heart.
Meet The Bennets
2020 Sep 3050m 41s
Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 1-7Our first episode discusses the beginning of Pride and Prejudice. We meet the famed Bennet family and begin to get an understanding for who each family member is as a character, where they are in society, and how they might progress throughout the novel. We also take a look into the sociology-economic landscape of Austen’s regency England.
Welcome to Wit Beyond Measure
2020 Sep 295m 45s
Hi! We are Wit Beyond Measure, a Jane Austen podcast where hosts Catrina and Elle talk everything Austen. Here is a brief introduction to the podcast. Let us introduce ourselves and let you know what you can expect from this podcast. As literature and history lovers, we are excited to step into Austen's world with you as we read through her published works.