• Oliver Fullerton
12 episodes
We will bring you places to go with the dish lickers, things to see, 4wdriving tips, equipment reviews all from 2 blokes who get out and enjoy what this country has to offer.


Doggone with Ranger Nick
2020 Sep 0530m
In this episode we get Celebrity Bush Cook, Ranger Nick in for a chat. Coming to us from him home in NSW we get to know how the title Ranger Nick came about, cooking in spun steel vs cast iron, cooking with charcoal briquettes, his book of dampers and the world record damper at 153.002m that he was part of in 2019.
Have you been to Stanthorpe lately?
2020 Aug 1222m 19s
We head out to Stanthorpe on our release from Covid 19. The area has been hit hard from, drought, bushfires, then covid, so we head out and spend a bit of hard earnt in the local community.
Defibs Save Lives!!!
2020 Jul 0132m 18s
In this episode we talk to Scott Carpenter, A Wallen local, Victorian high country hero, and a man on a mission. who has joined forces with Australia's one and only Guy Leech on a mission to have a life saving Defibrillator within 180 sec of any australian, at any time. How do we think this relates to us, the camping and travelling community? Imagine being anywhere, knowing that either yourself, or the caravan or camp next to you could save a life, in a cardiac arrest. 180 seconds, and its too late.
Hillbilly Cookstands are the best
2020 Jun 1117m 54s
This is a re take of this episode.We had some technical issues and lost some stuff.
Spring Gully Stays
2020 May 1023m 51s
Sandy Creek Campin
2020 Apr 2726m 32s
Covid-19 is still apon us, so with that in mind, we have decided to talk about some places we have been to in the past. Starting with Sandy creek campin, and all that Kilcoy and Woodford have to offer. Well not all of it, but some stuff. Get out there and check it out.
Camping at home Easter 2020
2020 Apr 1919m 3s
Olly and MH Talk some camp oven cooking. Well all that you can in 20min anyway!!
Some beer virus kills camping
2020 Apr 0435m 43s
So, with all camping basically closed in Australia, it will leave us with little to chat about. Im sure we can find something though. Here are some useful links for you to keep up to date with camping options in Aus due to Covid-19. Please guys, just stay home and get this thing sorted so we can enjoy life as normal again.
Pizza, wine and farm animals
2020 Mar 1526m 5s
In this episode we have a chat about Hidden gold homestead where you can enjoy sweeping views of Lake Barambah from our grassy campsites while you sit back and relax, take a dip or launch your boat.
Lost in the Linville Hotel
2020 Mar 0125m 47s
Well not really lost at all, but hopefully got you to listen. Had to pick a title so, we just made something up, just like we do when we are camp cooking.