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  • Laura Alden Kamm
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Become Your Wisest Voice. The No.1 reason you run over your intuition is you don't trust it. Because of this, The Voice of Intuition Podcast will help you. Laura's fans adore her witty, clarifying, and compassionate style, bringing you practical advice about living an intuitively-created life. She is a pioneer in the fields of intuitive medicine, business, and personal and spiritual development. Known world-wide for her unparalleled and exacting intuitive and visionary skills, Laura's teachings are a direct results of her life & death experiences, and working with countless numbers of people from over 130 countries for over 40 years. Her message is simple. Life is short — listen to your wisest voice, be brave, and create a lifetime of meaningful adventures.


Accepting Your Intuition
2020 Oct 2141m 7s
My guest on the show, Scott Clover, has been through a journey of recognition and acceptance of his intuitive abilities. His story may help you in your life experience, accepting your voice of intuition. Scott is recognized for his work in the field of Somatic Healing and is unique in his diverse background which accentuates his natural gift of intuitive abilities. He works with people from all around the globe to help them heal mind-body-somatic trauma. Scott’s website is
Listener Questions From Around the World
2020 Sep 2322m 23s
Today I’m with Christine Deitz, and we are answering questions from all over the world on Wednesday Q & A! Listen in to five souls who have concerns about decisions they are making in life and how to move forward in their journey.
How to Not Fear the Unknown
2020 Sep 1614m 26s
Let’s talk about the fear of the unknown. What do we do when we are facing the unknown? Once we move out of fear, we need to be strategic about our actions. The quality of our decision is affected by the amount of time we get to make that decision. While fear propels us into motion, we need to feel where anxiety is affecting our bodies.
What Draws Us to Different Places and Times
2020 Sep 0925m 59s
My sister and I have been inseparable since birth; however, we have very different processes that we go through in life to find answers. In this episode, we will also discuss how I’m not sure what is coming toward me as a question as I go in with a “blank slate,” also known as “The Buddist Mind,” for me to be open to whatever comes my way.
A Conversation About Contemplation
2020 Sep 0921m 28s
Let's have a conversation about contemplation and the different aspects of contemplation. Today, I'll talk about a few of the principles, how to move through the act of contemplating, and how to get into a more centered space when we are feeling off-balance.
The Anatomy of Intuition
2020 Sep 0918m 10s
It's not easy to understand life or your place in it! Years ago, I was living life, and suddenly I got sick, and within 11 days, I went blind and died. Life changed on a dime, as life can do. I'm a writer, best-selling author, and speaker. When you listen to this show, I'll answer your questions and dive into the different aspects of our life, such as relationships, faith, purpose, and trusting your inner voice. For years, I've helped people around the world, and I'm here to help you by sharing insight
2020 Apr 0936s