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AstroTalks will deliver astrology news and knowledge for the AstroFan. Weekly astrology talks on Astro 101, Astro tips, Astro information, Astro horoscopes and everything Astrology. All delivered by intuitive professional astrologer #Astr0Krys #AstroTalks


6. Sun in Scorpio
2020 Oct 2615m 32s
The Sun in Scorpio Traits & Characteristics. #CodaQueenAstrology #ScorpioSun #SuninScorpio
5. Taurus Full Moon October 2020
2020 Oct 2016m 25s
Full Moon in Taurus ♉️ 2020 forecast. The Taurus ♉️ FULL MOON πŸŒ• REMINDS US that changes are coming! 🌝 Moon conjunct Uranus allows us to tap into state of abundance. There are some supportive aspects from Moon and sun to the Capricorn bunch but also some tension from Mars and Neptune! What’s your abundance path?
4. What is Astrology?
2020 Oct 158m 59s
What is astrology? What is a birth chart? What is a Natal Chat? All good questions. In this video you will learn what is Real Astrology. Astrology is fascinating and once you learn it you will unlock your life path. The birth chart explained! Take the path of self discovery and connect with cosmic astrology.
3. Libra New Moon October 2020
2020 Oct 1412m 33s
New Moon in Libra β™ŽοΈ October 2020 forecast. The Libra New moon πŸŒ™ is setting the path to the heroic journey. We will be new people after this! There are some tension aspects along with so trines that are lead by Venus. The cosmic astrology and the galactic energy is requesting that we continue to take action and responsibility. Take the path of the hero’s journey. Spica fixes star is activated and providing a message of blessings and riches. Check out the forecast for the new moon πŸŒ™
2. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio - October 2020
2020 Oct 0717m 53s
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio ♏️ October 2020. How will you feel this energy? Check out what zodiac signs will be less impacted by the mercury retrograde. Plan, prepare, and organize. How to prepare for mercury retrograde. What is mercury retrograde. #mercuryretrograde #CodaQueenAstrology #astrotalks
1. Full Moon in Aries October 2020
2020 Sep 2814m 34s
Full Moon in Aries β™ˆοΈ 2020 forecast. The Aries β™ˆοΈ FULL MOON πŸŒ• REMINDS US TO TAKE INITIATIVE! 🌝 Moon conjunct chiron allows us to work on inner child or a deep injury, trauma, or hurt 😞 and lead us the the path of self discovery, while Mars helps us cut old behaviors in order to pioneer new horizons. Yes I am ready! #ariesfullmoon #harvestmoon #astrotalks #CodaQueenAstrology