Beautiful People
  • Alice
19 episodes
Here to spread Love and listen to amazing stories. Spiritually focused, this podcast brings humor and learning to every new story in your ear. Lots of interesting questions for some really unique people! I will often incorporate my spiritual experiences with plant medicines into the mix. Thanks for listening! xoxo


(Part #2) SEX WORK* Prostitution– Jennifer Rollins, Polistic Plus
2020 Oct 2841m 29s
Jennifer Rollins (PART #2) all about life as a prostitute. What kind of people did you meet? How much money did you make? Why did you do it? How many people did you have sex with? And so many more of my 100 questions answered. Thank you  for so...
Eating Disorders* Food Freedom Coach– Katie Alyssa
2020 Oct 2330m 17s
Katie Alyssa is a food freedom coach that helps women reclaim their power. She is such a bright light with a beautiful story! I really enjoyed this conversation. I hope you get just as much out of it as I did! Enjoy beautiful people. Connect with...
Pursuit of SELF & TRUTH– Sarah Joy Gaines, Writer, Healer, Teacher
2020 Oct 2125m 1s
Sarah is wonderful! Preaching goodness and embodying what she stands for. She is the essence of Love. In this conversation I unravel the life path Sarah took to get to where she is now, through What lessons did she learn...
Torah, Porn, & Ayahuasca– Two Tall Jews, Meyer & Isaac
2020 Oct 1954m 53s
Amazing conversation with Meyer and Isaac  from the Two Tall Jews Show. We unravel religion and ourselves as we dive deep into several unique topics. I really loved this conversation– it truly filled my soul up. Connect with Meyer & Isaac: IG...
When Life Shows The Fuck Up– Angela Gentile, Sweat Remix
2020 Oct 1540m 1s
Incredible conversation with Angela about her transition from being a teacher to a fitness instructor and mentor.  What was the catalyst for change? Her father's death. This was a very deep and insightful conversation about the reality of death, grief,...
I Don't Know What I Want In Relationships– Alexandra Stockwell MD., Relationship Expert
2020 Oct 1344m 17s
Incredible and empowering conversation with Alexandra Stockwell MD. Relationship Expert. We discuss how to figure out and discover our own desires to find clarity. I am currently single, so this was an amazing conversation for me which I hope will help...
Marijuana SAVED MY LIFE– Sherri Tutkus, The Green Nurses
2020 Oct 1244m 27s
Awesome conversation with Sherri Tutkus from The Green Nurse platform. We discuss a sudden diagnoses that nearly killed her, and how marijuana saved her life. Incredibly educated on the Endoconnabinoid system– Sherri discusses her journey to healing,...
Freezing Waters ALMOST NAKED* Wim Hof Retreat–Joshua Church, High Impact Coaching
2020 Oct 0931m 39s
Amazing conversation with Joshua Church. Writer, speaker, photographer, engineer, and coach dedicated to helping ambitious people play at a higher level. We discuss his Wim Hof retreat in Iceland, yoga, spirituality, and human potential! Josh has...
WE Are Like The VIRUS– Michael Garfield, musician, artist, podcaster
2020 Oct 0353m 13s
Fascinating conversation with Paleontologist-futurist Michael Garfield. Artist, painter, writer and incredible musician. We are so much more like Coronavirus than we think we are... a deep philosophical conversation with an incredible human....
(Part #1) RESILIENCE* Stripper to Pole Yogi– Jennifer Rollins, Polistic Plus
2020 Sep 3029m 3s
Fantastic conversation with Jennifer Rollins, business entrepreneur and owner of Polistic Plus. A combination of pole fitness and yoga. We discuss life as a stripper, life transitions, pole yoga, and toxic breast implants! (Part #2) Stay tuned for our...